Little Mix



Leigh-Anne preparing for solo stardom.



The girls are nominated for Favourite UK Band and Favourite UK Newcomer in Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Go snatch those awards girls!
Black Jam said:
I had to do a double take when I saw the photo of Vida on the mainpage. They look exactly like Little Mix.

Hmm their style is much more 'urban' than Little Mix. Too overstyled imo.
Also not a fan of the song.
I really don't know how high the standards are I'm expecting. I know they can come out with something completely amazing and take the world (no exaggeration) by storm, but I can't help feeling like I'm over expecting. This is SyCo, after all. I just hope they can prove me wrong! (The label, not the girls.)

One Directions success in America can only be a good thing, I heard so much talk about how groups were non-exsistant and 'dead' in America, so for an English band, managed by SyCo, to go and do so well over there must be a good sign.

Bit of an essay post, but they're just so infectious! You do literally fall in love with each one of them. I can't help re-watching video diaries, performances and interviews of them! I must seem like such a stan, especially having heard no original material from them, but I don't even care. Bring on May/June!
I'm nervous about their material..don't know what to expect.
As much as I like 1D, they seem to be Simon's main priority, I hope he makes time for the girls and gives them heaps of promo opportunities.


1D are on their way to having a #1 album in the US so we can't blame Simon. The single's scheduled to be out this May or June so I think we'll be hearing it sooner than we think.
I'm really looking forward to what they bring to the table, I hope they stick to their ideas that they want to bring old skool harmonies and beats to the songs, an uplifting summer anthem is definitely something i feel they need and can deliver!

On another note their 'Mixers Monday' videos are always perfectly hilarious, I hope some TV recognises this and we get a documentary or two. There is a behind the scenes of the X Factor tour on viva tomorrow (sat) apparently hosted by the girls.
thesatsfan19 said:
Little Mix were just the 1st act announced for T4 in the beach!

Ah great news, good to see them getting out there! Can't wait for their material, really really excited for them and I love their personalities. They look so good together. Jesy looks gorgeous in that pic a few posts above too!


Maybe they'll premier the new single there or perhaps an upcoming album track? Exciting!