Little things that made you happy today



- I got a surprise text from my crush as I was drinking milk tea.
- As much as I love fried eggs, I'm glad I got to eat bananas instead.
- When I saw this tall, cute guy sitting by the stairs in our local mall. He was wearing a grey top, and khaki pants. I thought he was great to look at.

What made you happy today? Well, maybe yesterday can count as well. Don't hesitate to post those little things here!
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In the excitement and adrenaline rush of my Bruce show on Monday I had forgotten about how the show exactly opened, and I watched a video of it today and remembered how insanely awesome it was, I can't believe i momentarily forgot. It was like being in a movie, it was so surreal and cinematic. The lights went out, and you could see as the band came on stage in the darkness and suddenly you could hear Bruce literally roaring, and the crowd went wild. And he started saying, in the darkness, give it to me, huuuh, and the crowd responded, and that back and forth went for a while until the song began and the lights went up and his voice was so strong and powerful and the way his body moved didn't seem human. I really felt like I was in a movie. The only famous person I had seen up to then had been Peter Crouch the football player, and even then that's like a C-list celebrity. This was a SUPERSTAR, and the first mega famous person I'd ever seen, and 5 minutes later I had him literally in front of me and touched him.
30 November 2012

I remembered we had Muller yogurts in the fridge, so those were used for lunch.

Coincidentally, vanilla with chocolate sprinkles and cherry undercurrent doesn't sound like it should work, but it does.

I decided to buy coconut M&Ms for Christmas.


I woke up at 3am while I should've been working on my essay, now I have a headache and I'm not hungry and not motivated so I won't get anything done today. And I'm not even hungover, it's all natural. HAPPY TIMES!


I just realized that my insane crush, and Dennis Oh, are of the same height! They're both 6'1". It makes me feel a bit happy inside! I know I shouldn't!
I found out I've gained 5lbs! No that wasn't a typo, I didn't mean "lost".

I saw my first snowflake of the winter which is always a cause for celebration. I shall now play Kate Bush's 50 Words For Snow from start to finish.
You don't know how happy I am for you. I sodding hate the way iTunes arranges things.

It was an absolute mess because I have so many Japanese, Korean & Chinese artists, so their names are written in their languages, but if I change it to their English names I stuff up my tags on! So I made it "Sort" into their English name, so I can tell the order they're in. This is mainly for my iPhone, when I can't see the album covers (which I also filled in for anything missing, which I'm very OCD about.)
The PSB singles covers and how well they will fit with my Beloved collection.

I am not being ironic.
-Eating salmon and cake with my friend.
-Watching live videos of Bloc Party and remembering their concert two weeks ago.
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30th of November..!

- Zipping into the last car park space in Sainsburys and pissing off the woman what had been waiting for it for ages!!
- For a 'greasy I just rolled out of bed wearing my tracksuit day' I still look pretty fine.
- Getting checked out by a bitchy queen at uni who has no chance.
- Having a laugh with my mate looking at people's Facebook pages.
- Owning some little monster in the Tulisa thread.

Think that is about it.


Any old shit would be a top seller if it was sold for $1 to a bunch of crazy fans who buy 20 copies each!! Unfortunately Tulisa isn't pulling any cheeky tricks like this, she is playing the game properly and not cheating like a certain drag queen!!