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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. I was talking with a straight guy I know who'd never heard Euphoria before.

    His face when the chorus came:
  2. I made a lasagna today and my greedy flatmate took it out before it was ready and proceeded to burn her tongue, Oh I was delighted.
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  3. Watching a live drag show on youtube drinking gin. Bopping around my room to the show and then to a born in the 90s playlist I found on Spotify and forgetting for a few hours about the shit show that this year has been.
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  4. My flatmate bought me 5 litres of Roberto Cavalli vodka for my birthday ddd. I'll start drinking it in 12 minutes...
  5. Happy Birthday, Have a great day, Enjoy the vodka but most of all remember to stay the same age as this year has been such a shit show none of us are getting a year older! x mainly coz I'm 29 and fuck being 30
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  6. Thank you! I'm happy to be another year older. I don't mind admitting my age when I don't yet look it ddd. x
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  7. I found this poor dog alone on a river front path this morning. Collar but no ID, followed us home where he got some water and a biscuit (and immediately went for my dog's toys), then walked him back to where I found him and before long a frantic woman came bolting along. Apparently he'd recently had an injury so was a little out of it. Adorable reunion.

  8. Ah this is so great. Kudos to you for taking care of the dog when others would have just left him out there.
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  9. You’ve done something important today. I’m a fellow dog owner and can’t imagine losing my two princesses. I think I’ll have a breakdown. So, well done!
    And reading about it made me happy today!
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  10. I went to my local store after the Biden win was announced. A white mother with her mixed race daughter couldn't afford a tin of tomatoes as her card was being declined. I offered to pay, and they were so thankful, so I said "call it a celebration for a Biden win". The daughter wasn't aware Biden had won, and she couldn't have been older than ten, and yet she was so happy and was cheering.

    I had no idea of politics in my own country at the age of ten, yet alone in the US. You can see how far reaching and how important this is to all generations across the world. Her reaction to his win made my year beyond all recognition, and put anything bad that has happened in the past year into perspective.
  11. Kylie. Camembert. Kamala.
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  12. That for a long stretch yesterday, between DISCO hitting the top spot and Biden winning the U.S. presidency? I forgot to worry about COVID-19.
  13. I got the pink Spice Girls box thing for Christmas at their first reunion 13 (?) years ago, and just put it down without thinking much about it. My Mom showed me that she'd kept it and kept packing it up when she was moving, so I still have it. Pretty cute.
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  14. I played all of Club Future Nostalgia at work after my manager went home. Fuck Chris Stapleton. He's not Dua.
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  15. Whenever I feel down I go to this (or any video of Jake being a goof) and it picks me from the depths of my depression.
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  16. Finally booked my LASIK eye surgery. It's bittersweet though because I didn't realise they actually make incisions in your eye, I literally thought it was just a laser that went over your eyes dddd.

    But, I've wanted it done for ages. I'm nervous but so excited to be glasses free!
  17. My two dogs acting like obedient school kids as breakfast was dished out.
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  18. I was meant to start my healthy eating plan today.

    Instead, I've decided to go for shopping and cocktails in the city. Probably a bad choice, but I've been going through a rough time lately and I need some 'me' time, so I'm not sorry.
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  19. Two things:

    I bought a 2021 diary and filled it with my rescheduled concert dates, friend’s birthdays and a wedding. Lord knows if any of this will actually go ahead, but I’m optimistic. It felt nice to just have things to look forward to.

    Secondly, I’ve always struggled with portion control when it comes to eating but this week I’ve really been mindful and I’m already feeling less lethargic and bloated. Again, it’s minor in the grand scheme of things but the slight improvement I’ve felt made me happy.
  20. This woman

    The past month has been hard for me and her latest project really made me feel good if even for the hour I was listening to the album.
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