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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. I got ID'd while buying a bottle of rum the other night. Made me happy.

  2. The way my dog just walked into the front room, saw that I just had a cup of tea and no food, let out a massive sigh and then walked out of the room unimpressed.

    I love you too girl.
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  3. Stunt queen!
    Her too.
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  4. Outside Christmas lights for the first time ever. The house looks über gay in a sea of heteronormativity.
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  5. I knew I was going to fail a unit at uni this semester because I just struggled with it. Received my final unit results today and whilst I did fail that unit, I also got two High Distinctions and a Distinction in my other units.

    I spent so much time focusing on the one unit I failed I didn't even consider how well I would do in my other units!
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  6. They gave me valium after my LASIK eye surgery, been on cloud nine all afternoon dddd.
  7. I got the new Macbook with the M1 chip. It is luxurious to update after 5 years, the old one still worked but had kind of gotten a little sluggish with all the streaming. Its really good to own something that'll just work.

    This reads like an Apple ad. It's not. I hate that they don't have the MagSafe charger anymore and I'm not sold on the Touch Bar
  8. Was listening Dannii's Neon Nights in the car today. Vibe On came on and 17 years later I've finally clicked that it's about masturbation, I've never actually listened to the lyrics.

    "I don't want to put you down, looks like I'm a vibraholic now", I cackled ddd.
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  9. Sold a copy of Little Mix's 'Confetti' vinyl at work to a young gay and his dad. We talked about Jesy leaving. It was sweet and sad.
  10. Aw cuties.
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  11. The horrified look on someone's face at work today when they asked me how my Christmas tree looks and I replied "I wouldn't know, it's been in my attic for seven years".

    They all know I'm a grinch so I don't even know why they're surprised ddd.
  12. My friend bought me a record player for Christmas. We had a Christmas lunch today and she was like "I've heard you talk about the Britney vinyl so much and how you can't play it so I got you a player".

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  13. tea


    I made blueberry muffins and they were delicious! @Euphoria
  14. It's the shortest day - Spring is coming!!!
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  15. I was legit coming in this thread to say that! Thankfully slowly the days will be getting longer again from tomorrow. Small mercies and all.
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  16. I got through 40 minutes of Mel B's workout video.
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  17. I went shopping today, walked into Tommy Hilfiger and the first thing I saw was a grumpy looking employee folding t-shirts and ignoring everyone. As I was browsing nearby an elderly woman approached her and said "Can you do me a favour? I don't need help with the products, but can you smile?" and I had to walk away to scream, the absolute sass of how she said it.
  18. It was me.

    The elderly woman.
  19. The tradesman fixing our electrics was belting out rock ballads as he worked and had a really good voice.
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