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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

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  2. My lil’ baby Henry (not such a baby puppy anymore he’s nearly 18 months old *cries*)

    The snow is his fave thing in the world, could cheer up even the grumpiest person.

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  3. I made up a little dance routine to Saint Etienne's Who Do You Think You Are while using a standing desk and it's the shit.
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  4. I just had the most amazing email from a parent after having to teach online for a week (I had to cover a colleague who is off with Covid)- she described me as 'One of those teachers who you remember for life' and it just completely floored me!
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  5. I went on a terrible date tonight which involved lots of vodka. Just woken up and got ready for work, realised it's not 8am but it's still 8pm the night before.

    Mess dddd.
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  6. I said "fuck it" and spent a tenner on getting KFC for tea.
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  7. It's Australia Day tomorrow which makes it perfectly acceptable to get drunk on a Tuesday.
  8. I just got new lenses in my glasses and phew I was missing a lot of stuff. it's like getting a TV in 4K.
  9. Outdoor dining is opening back up in California because cases are going down. I haven’t eaten at a restaurant in months so I’m looking forward to returning to a little bit of normalcy.
  10. I dyed my hair blue because I wanted to do something wild.

    I won $16 and then spent it on another ticket.
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  12. Getting nods of acknowledge from hot heterosexual men for wearing a New York Giant hoodie despite knowing fuck all about NFL dd.
  13. Mine started as a horror story but had a happy ending. I bought these as a Christmas gift to myself and I was in love:
    Walked my doggo around the village I live in upon purchasing, not realising how easily they stain and how wet and muddy it would be so silly I know.
    So after furiously using vanish and soap to try get the stains and mud out of the fabric, I then realised that I had somehow managed to dye the shoes blue. I then proceeded to bleach the shoes and throw them in the washing machine and...shit, they got 10x worse.

    So a month later, which is today, I got my acrylic paint set out and thought ‘well it’s either I try something or have to get rid of them’, so I painted the Sandy bits black, used a shit ton of white acrylic and shoe whitener on the white parts, put some new shoe-laces in and...omg...I somehow like them better than before I’d purchased and destroyed them.
    I then started to stupidly think, wow, maybe do this for a living. After gushing over my painted trainers for half an hour I realised that lockdown has well and truly fucked my head. But fixing these and saving some money from buying a new pair did make me happy today.
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  14. January is OVER.

    Come to mama, springtime.
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  15. Not exactly little but definitely random- saw a post about Superman on Facebook so decided to read up about Christopher Reeve (I’ve got a dissertation to start but, sure, this had to be my priority...) And I was literally floored by what an amazing person he was, his activism, his strength after his accident. So inspiring.
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  16. Gin and dancing around my room to my home workout playlist. Its the small things these days
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Island

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