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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Don’t know where to post this but fuck it because this entire read needs to be seen and it did brighten up my day:
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  2. Sam


    Got the keys to my new place today. Moving in three weeks tomorrow and I’m so fucking happy to be back in the city.

    Walking to work? £3 Ubers home from the bar? Yes GOD
  3. There was this song that I used to listen to all the time when I was 5 or 6, but I didn't know anything about it to find it in my adult years. I searched about famous female collabs/duos a few times in the last few years because I remembered two women sang the song but I never found anything. Finally, I tried the melody that I vaguely remembered on Midomi today and found out the song is Beautiful Life by Ace of Base. The song is not as good as I thought it was but I'm lowkey going to cry because of nostalgia and the fact that I finally closed this case in my mind ddd.
  4. Uno


    Went to the Orthodontist yesterday to get my braces put on and cried my in my car for 20min afterward. For 27yrs I've never smiled in a single photo because I was insecure about it. I’ve wanted this literally my entire life but could never afford it 'til now.
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  5. I went to the cinema today, for the first time since last March.

    It was just so good to be back, even if the film was completely blah.
  6. Beirut healing after the August explosion. Feels good to see that.

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  7. Sam


    I’m all moved in!
  8. Because of the trauma I associated with the last couple of college years, I hadn't painted properly in a long while. But, my nephew's half-brothers and sister wanted some work done for their walls, so the last fortnight I've been painting again for them and I'm feeling a lot of emotions at the minute. I'm realising I'm actually not bad and I shouldn't shit on my work all the time.
  9. I took a paddleboard down the river yesterday and two twatty teen boys went past me on a jetski - it's a 6kt zone but they deliberately came close and revved it to try and make a wave and throw me off. I remained upright, then as they chuckled and moved off, they hit a channel marker and both fell in.
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  10. I served someone wearing a leather harness at work yesterday.
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  11. I’m very much a “save the bees!” cig.
  12. Managed to nab myself tickets to see Alanis Morissette in November. She hasn't come to Scotland in god knows how long and her music has pulled me through so many dark times, so to finally witness some of it live is really going to be an experience for me.
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  13. I ordered a t-shirt a few weeks ago and I had to change it from size M to size S.
    I'm feeling
    this morning!
    The fact that everything from Arket is huge is not relevant.
  14. Been really struggling this week- I’ve got a rare gall bladder thing which affects your liver and can make you itch like crazy. I’ve managed about 2-3 hours sleep per night and feel wretched- especially as I’ve not told my best friends about this as it can lead to fatal complications down the line and don’t want to scare them. Tonight my best friend randomly decided to FaceTime me (which she never does) and kept saying how handsome I’m looking. She literally couldn’t have done this at a better time and it’s even galvanised me to try and kick this thing in the arse!!
  15. Sam


    sis you’re a stunner and I won’t hear a word otherwise. Take care of yourself x
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  16. And you’re a majorly talented stunner, keep that music coming x
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  17. Two of these cuties came by earlier and had a play around the garden.

  18. So we got a new sound system installed and to demonstrate its might, I sat the other half down and played Bjork’s Hyperballad (the DTS mix from the Surrounded box set) for him. I can tell he’s stunned. I never thought this day would come. I’m beyond thrilled.
  19. I went to Manchester Gay Village last night for the first time since like January 2020, and it was just so great, we had a table booked in Via, the music was on top form, Madonna, Steps, Gaga, Geri, Britney etc, they even played Girl Gone Wild. There were gays enjoying the football there as well, which is a first time I’ve ever witnessed this, that was cute.
    I forgot how much I love a good night in the village, it was pretty much a perfect evening, except when a new group sat on the table next to us and for some reason a girl in the group was clearly bitching about us the moment she sat down, not sure what her issue was, I gave her a look and she stopped then.
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  20. Super niche and random but I had the day off work today and started rewatching Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and it took me back to my teenage years when I’d watch the show religiously. It doesn’t hold up quite so well now but the sentimental element I hold for the show proper made me smile today.
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