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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Sam


    Had an interview this afternoon and thought I’d fucked it, but I’ve just been offered the job!!!

    I’m so thrilled girls I could WEEP
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  2. Congrats babe! x
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  3. Sam


    Thank you my angel x
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  4. Realising that it’s Wednesday and therefore one day closer to the weekend when I had thought it was Tuesday when I woke up.
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  5. Sam


    Signed my offer acceptance and handed in my notice YEEEEE
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  6. My uni course has a section about Shetland this week and it is bringing back so many memories for me as I was born there. I'm reminded of my first home and how much I loved it there. Not been back in 20 odd years and I do miss the island so having this is a welcome gift.
  8. At my new flat in London, people leave furniture by the side of the road all the time. When I moved here a few months ago I desperately needed a mirror for my room, couldn’t afford to shell out for a new one but today on my walk home I found a beautiful stand up mirror that had been abandoned by my flat - all intact. I’m gonna paint it! I love finding free unwanted stuff that you can make your own and cherish, the best feeling in the world.
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  9. kal


    I’m at the beach.
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  10. Has anyone said "hey sexy" yet?
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  11. Watching all of my course units turn green one by one this afternoon as I passed them all was a... much better feeling than I expected. Probably because it means I'm actually now able to step out of a loop of constantly feeling like a screw up, changing course and starting from scratch again. Only took five years.
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  12. My grandad, who has been moved to a home, away from being abused by my Aunt physically and mentally, has got at least two women chasing after him. The stud.
  13. I for sure thought I'd failed a particular unit last semester I really struggled with. Uni results are in, passed with 51% ddd.

  14. Traveling to Switzerland today, which means tomorrow I'll get to see my boyfriend after almost 15 months. Because of the pandemic he hasn't been able to travel to Argentina and I had not been able to go to Switzerland... But here we are!!! Only 24 hours left
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  15. My Mum had a video call with him yesterday and he is thriving. He's also appointed himself "Entertainment Manager" of the home. I'm so happy to hear he's fitting in and back to his old self.
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  16. I’ve been feeling a bit off the last few weeks. Today I carved out some time to do an hour long yoga session via YouTube and then some meditation and read a bit of my book. Suffice to say that I feel the best and most calm I’ve felt in ages after putting some time aside for myself.
  17. It was a lovely day in Melbourne today, winter but sunny. I was slightly hungover after going out to see some drag and have a proper dance for the first time since COVID. Needing some sun and air, I decided to clean up my little balcony garden and listened to New Order a bit louder than I probably should have, but all of the neighbours and the people in the park beneath me seemed to be feeling it too. Whilst cleaning out pots holding the remnants of last season's basil and tomato, etc I realised several have rogue snapdragons growing in them that are going gangbusters. My 2ft tall dwarf lemon tree also has about 20 ripe lemons (barely) hanging off it. I felt strangely at peace seeing everything neat and tidy and in a couple of months it'll be almost springtime and I'll be able to put some new seedlings and bits in again. This has been Kim Wilde's gardening update for another year.
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  18. Finally picking up the courage to message my terminally ill friend and communicate with him. I’ve always worried that I’ll be a coward like my mum and abandon my closest friends/family in their hour of need because I couldn’t bear to see them deteriorate. It’s a daily battle, but I’m thankful that I’ve had a little breakthrough.
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  19. Me and my best friend were video calling today, he sang two random sentences at me, I hung up and created a very quick backing track of an outline of a song, he wrote lyrics to it, we both recorded vocals and have been sending stuff back and forth until we've finished it. 12 hours I've been sat here and I have loved every fucking second. And we've written a massive BOP.
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