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Little things that made you happy today

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Just stumbled upon this, old clip but it was so heartwarming I had to share it here
  2. I just listened to Mulholland by @Sam and fucking loved it!
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  3. Sam


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  4. I’ve considered myself an audiophile all my life. Around 2006 or so, I noticed I wasn’t hearing bright, treble tones in my left ear as well as I used to. Main, centered vocals on headphones sounded like they were in the right channel only, bass was extra heavy in the left ear, it was hard I hear at restaurants, etc.

    Last week I had surgery to have it addressed and today things are finally clearing up. I’m listening to my original Spice vinyl and hearing highs, textures, and clarity like I really never have before. I’m so happy!

    @biff stannard
  5. Today’s revelation is the deep red Velvet Rope. Currently enveloped by every texture of Go Deep. This surgery has seriously improved my life so much?!
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  6. This morning, my little 6 month old Cavapoo Betty, jumping up onto the bed for a morning snuggle.
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  7. Got to visit my grandad for the first time in nearly a year. Also first time since we lost my granny. So it was an emotional visit but so good. Being able to give him a big hug was such a lovely moment. He’s looking so good and healthy since moving to his Home.
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