Little things that made you happy today

This time in two fucking weeks I'll be in Manchester probably having a chippy tea somewhere. I know I go on about my upcoming holiday a lot, but I do really need to get away and have some fun. This year so far has been a bit of a drag, looking forward to some excitement!
I had some behavioural/anger issues in primary school and I spent a lot of time over those years with this one particular teacher who just... knew what to do with me ddd. A genuinely lovely person who (looking back now) spent a lot of her own time in her lunch breaks etc working with me to develop coping mechanisms and other stuff. She really did play such a huge part in those early developmental stages and I honestly think she's played a huge part in how I've turned out as an adult (no anger issues at all after primary school).

Anyway I haven't seen or talked to her since I left for Australia in 2006 when I was 11, dropped her a message on Facebook because I wanted to meet her for a coffee and I wasn't sure if I would hear back or if she would even remember me fff. Anyway she remembers me and really wants to catch up. I'm so excited!
Not really little more like literally lifechanging - I finally got my Italian papers and... I'm moving to Sicily.

After a really shit week at work (be are being made redundant in October) I’m 30 minutes away from finishing for a 4 day weekend!

Friday is Girls Aloud and then Saturday & Sunday we have an international food festival in the town and good weather is predicted so fingers crossed
Randomly received an email with a gift voucher worth $150 from the men's grooming salon/spa I usually go to on special occasions. It's the exact same email I got when my brother bought me a gift card last year for my birthday but with a different voucher number and expiry date - he didn't buy me another one so it must be a system error or something?

Very very strange but thought I'd give it a go... just made an appointment and the gift card worked! I was planning on going just before my UK trip anyway and now it's a free pampering session... winning! I've also had a pretty awful week so maybe this is the silver lining.

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So I arrived to my appointment and when it came time to leave they said there was an error and pressed me for more details about the gift card because it wasn't going through. Played dumb, panicked and paid when I was questioned


(I got 20% off though ddd)
Returned from the UK with a really positive mindset. Met so many great people, Girls Aloud, drinks in the gay village, some drugs, meeting up with family again, Coronation Street tour, just a new environment.

It's really what I needed and has given me so much clarity on what I need to do to improve my life. I've been moping around for the past 6 months saying "I can't get a job" with a bit of a 'poor me' attitude, but I've also been ignoring advice to join temp agencies to get myself on the map saying things like "I shouldn't have to do that if I've got a degree though". Just catching up with some of my friends in the UK it's made me realise I need to stop thinking this way and do everything I can, even if it is temporary work to get myself experience in a new field.

Once I have a career I think everything else in my life will fall into place. I also adore Manchester City, I really do - I actually felt so at home there ddd

Anyway, I'm just feeling motivated for the first time in months!
I stopped this woman who keeps stealing from my work from stealing at Home Bargains. I just happened to run into her. Manager came up to thank me with all the stuff she planned to nick and spoke about the software in different supermarkets to recognise shoplifters.