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Live music forum?

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Dazzle, May 28, 2009.

  1. Just an idea I've had as the chart forum was launched today. There are more topics on tours and specific live shows on here than ever before at the moment, so was wondering if maybe it would be a good idea to have a forum especially for them? Feel free to shoot this down as a shit idea but I think maybe it would be good to have the main forum as music and general discussion and then a seperate one for live?

    No? I'll get my coat.
  2. Possibly a good idea, especially with the BIG tours that happen, (Mr Jackson's upcoming one) and upcoming festivals, but as long as it doesn't become another forum over saturated with Girls Aloud related gubbins, I'm happy.
  3. Oh I actually got a reply. YAY!
  4. JamesWalsh, stop posting about the Yeah You's and pretending you're just making conversation. You're as subtle as a kick in the eyes.

    I like the idea of a live forum by the way, but I'd want to discourage people posting topics about every separate date on a tour.
  5. I'd agree with that. I'm surprised this hasn't got more of a response considering how many tour topics are going on at the moment!
  6. I like the idea of a live music forum. I think it would make things a little more organised on here.
  7. Actually Snack Twats you'll see I don't just post about the Yeah You's but discuss all music I like, my 8 posts may not be a patch on your 1000+ but only recently been introduced to PopJustice, thought they were good live and other's might like them too! If you don't want to be introduced to good music feel free to carry on listening to georgie michael all your life
  8. Oooh, BURN
  9. I've never listened to a George Michael song in my life.

  10. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    In the style of debord:

  11. Actually I'm lying, 'Freeek!' was a really good song.
  12. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Wasn't it just?!? One of my favourite songs ever.

    Unless that was sarcasm? If it was, disregard the above and replace it with a reply about George Michael being shit and totally awful.

    PS When did George Michael become the icon for awful music? General twattiness, yes, but surely there are more awful pop stars we could use to taunt people with. Katy Perry, for instance.
  13. No, I was being sincere!

    Also, I didn't know that he was the pinnacle of awful music, I just assumed "James" "Walsh" was making some kind of stereotype about gay people and music. (You know, because George Michael is gay? So all gays must like him. That's how it works in The Gay World.)

    And you know, it's completely unfair because I hate musicals, I hated Steps, and I think Liza Minnelli is shit.

    In conclusion, yes I would like a live music forum.
  14. I have been to see George Michael in concert twice. How cool am I?
  15. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Steps and Liza Minelli are awful. TAKE THAT, GAY STEREOTYPING BRIGADE.
  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Last Christmas?
  17. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Is that Wham! or George Michael? Little difference, I know, but WITHOUT THE FACTS WE HAVE MAYHEM.
  18. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    It's on his greatest hits...
  19. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Wiki tells me it's Wham! (I am a pedantic wanker, aren't I) and George Michael's greatest hits has Wham! songs on it, so that explains that. Not that it matters!

    What was this thread about again?
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