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Liz Phair - 7th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Very much here for this!
  2. If it's as good as his work with Jenny Lewis on The Voyager it will be awesome. He is working on Jenny's album atm too. A Liz/Jenny duet would be something.
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  3. Everything Ryan Adams does is either brilliant or a complete turd so let me stay nervously perched.
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  4. She said this album was coming out in 2016. So… who knows.

    "Ho Ho Ho" (her last known recording) from Dec 2014 is actually a career highlight, so I'm excited though.
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  5. I don't know why but Don Was being involved gives me very high hopes, honestly.
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  6. Well the producer of Love Shack can't be a bad thing right?
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  7. An absolute mess at Cosmic Thing being one of my favorite albums of all time and me forgetting he was involved in its production.
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  8. I hope it's more Exile On Guyville/Whip-Smart and less Funstyle and Liz Phair.
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  9. I wouldn't hold my breath on it being released
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  10. Gimme something even close to this brilliance.

  11. One of my absolute faves. I wouldn't mind something along these lines. At least, a couple of tracks:
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  12. Whitechocolatespaceegg is such an underrated era, but she was still on fire then.

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  13. A thousand times yes.
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  14. This is so exciting. I just read the 33 and a third book on Exile and I'm so ready for this.
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  15. This is kind of a silly post considering:
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  16. My bet is late summer. She's had the songs written for a while based on various tweets and interviews over the last few years. The fact that they're already calling it a double album also makes me think it's further along. Five songs in a day suggests it's moving quickly, so hopefully it's not terribly late in the year when we get to hear the full thing!
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