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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by raisingthebet, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. A goddamn goddess. Any other worshippers?
  2. Yeah I love the more commercial Liz - the one the diehard fans despise! Her self-titled album is wonderful. Who else could call a song Hot White Come? Somebody's Miracle was a bit of a let down but is still pretty good.
  3. I'm afraid I'm with the general consensus - that is, Old Liz > New Liz. I still like her more commercial material though. Somebody's Miracle was a vast improvement on the self-titled for moi. Sounds far more sincere.

    Friend of Mine is probably the only creditable track for moi but it's silly reading into the album too much: for what it's worth, its a fun mess.
  4. Her self-titled album is amazing. I only bought it because I liked the cover and it exceeded all expectations. I can actually listen to it all the way through without skipping any tracks...which reminds me I should put it onto my iPod.

    Did you pick up her Comeandgetit EP? It's quite strange but I love it. There's a song called Jeremy Engle which shouldn't be as good as it is.
  5. I completely love all of her. Exile in Guyville is probably my favorite album of all time. So many amazing songs on that CD.

    I also think Whip Smart is really underrated (Alice Springs, Crater Lake, Supernova, Jealousy etc, etc... all gold) and the eponymous album is so much fun. Whitechocolatespaceegg never quite gelled as a whole for me, although there are definitely some career highlights on there (Polyester Bride, Headache, Fantasize ...)

    And even though Somebody's Miracle wasn't as good as the rest of her stuff, there's always Giving It All To You to rock my day.

    She's also got a lot of brilliant b-sides and rare tracks. Like Stuck on an Island, or Down or the entire comeandgetit thing that came as a free download with the Liz Phair album.
  6. Oh and other brilliance from Whip Smart:

    Nashville! So amazingly, hauntingly beautiful. And Dogs of LA is supercool. In fact, that whole album is a masterpiece.
  7. liz phair is my favourite artist of all time, with the exception of josh rouse. and sometimes maybe girls aloud or fiona apple, depending on the day..

    'whitechocolatespaceegg' has always been my favourite album of hers - absolutely perfect whole album both lyrically and sonically - although 'exile in guyville' is pretty damned close.

    i liked most of 'liz phair' actually, 'friend of mine', 'good love never dies', 'extraordinary', 'my bionic eyes' and 'red light fever' in particular were all amazing..

    'somebodys miracle' was a bit of a letdown, but only because it could have probably could have done with cutting one or two songs to punch it up ('lost tonight' and 'count of my love' were soooooooooooooooooo bland!).. her singing was pretty weak on some of the songs as well as she was really overreaching her range a few times (as much as i love 'leap of innocence', she just doesn't have the range to sing it). there were some real gems on there though, like 'stars and planets', 'lazy dreamer'. 'closer to you and especially 'table for one' that hold up against the best of her back catalogue..

    and i love the love for 'stuck on an island' and 'nashville' as well - both amazing!
  8. Liz is completely my favorite artist of all time and every album she releases is a revelation to me. Even Somebody's Miracle, if only for the brilliant "Table for One" and "Wind and the Mountain". Her voice and her lyrics speak to me more than do the work of any other artist I have ever listened to.

    She is one of the few artists whose records I would buy sight unseen (or whatever the musical equivalent is) on release day, on the strength of her previous work alone.

    Love her.
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  9. I love Liz, but I don't have any of her albums at all, just tracks I've heard on soundtracks (Stealing Beauty, Thirteen, etc) What I've heard though, I adore.
  10. I absolutley adore her song 'Why cant I' it's sooo trueee aswelll!!!

    Isnt this the best part of breaking up, finding someone else you cant get enough offf'

    Tehee, amazzing!!! x
  11. Where art thou Liz?
  12. I still go to that ghost town of a forum, hoping for some news. There's never any news...

    (Also the self-titled deserves some credit for being partly responsible for the Comeandgetit EP.)
  13. My favorite!

    I wish she were doing more than just the soundtrack work she seems to focus on nowadays. I thought an album was supposed to materialize sometime this year or last (and it would have been my favorite album of the year regardless of its quality) but no.

  14. I completely ADORE Liz Phair... She is one of my 3 music Goddesses (Tori and Alanis being the other 2) - it was her mainstream stuff that hooked me but her older tracks are just as golden in a different way. She is def one of my all-time heroes and a huge influence on my own music... I just wish I had known about her from the beginning, my boyfriend saw her live back in her day and I am so so jealous as I was a late fan and never got to see her... I always read on Wiki and the like that she is working on new material but it never seems to surface, I guess my dream of seeing her live will never happen at this rate :(
  15. Ah I love Liz. I've said before that I prefer her more commerical stuff. Unfortunately I got into her far too late so didn't get a chance to get hold of the Comeandgetit EP. Boo to that.
  16. Oh My God, I have loved her for years (since "whitechocolatespaceegg") & have every album she has ever made (including the "girlysound" tapes & "Juvenilia" EP etc). But, I honestly thought she was so far off the popjustice radar that I was too scared to mention her here for fear of abuse!

    Current Top 5 favourite Liz Songs:

    1, Supernova
    2, Polyester Bride
    3, Take A Look
    4, Everything (Between Us)
    5, Jeremy Engle

    Thanks for giving me the confidence to come out the (Liz) closet (so to speak) & finally feel able to talk about her on popjustice without fear of recrimination from others.

    . . . Dixie Chicks "Taking The Long Way", anyone ?
  17. magictreehouse, expect a PM in the near future. If you need mp3s you'll have to wait though, my Comeandgetit CD is at home and I… am not.
  18. whitechocolatespaceegg is my favourite Liz album - kinda bridges the gap between her earlier stuff and her more recent commercial stuff.
  19. I still love "Exile in Guyville".

    The first time I ever heard "Fuck and run", I nearly choked when she follows up "Fuck and run, even when I was seveteen" with "even when I was 12". Eighteen tracks is a bit long though, however there are so many gems in there, it's like there's a 10-track album of genius and several decent album tracks.

    "Flower" is beautifully layered, mixing purity and a cascade of filth in just over two minutes.
  20. Whatever happened to the new album that was supposed to come out this year? I saw her in DC last year on the 'Guyville' tour and she did some new stuff for the encore. It was actually quite good too..

    She's still one of my top three artists of all time (along with Josh Rouse and Girls Aloud)..
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