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LIZ - Planet Y2K

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. As much as I am rooting for her with When I Rule The World,
    Y2K and All Them Boys reign supreme.
  2. Ugh, she has yet to release a meh song in my opinion. I love the entire Just For You EP, the one off singles, the demos.

    I love the vibe of "Turn Around", and I'd probably call that my favorite song.
  3. [​IMG]
    This Twitter exchange is so massively disappointing. Fix it, etc.
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  4. The audacity to come for the collaboration of our generation.
  5. New music in her Diplo and Friends mix!

    "High School Love" kicks things off

    Here are the LIZ songs featured

    High School Love
    Don't Say
    Queen of Me featuring Wave Racer
    Holy Water
    Say U Would
    All Them Boys
    I Just Wanna
    Stop Me Cold
    When I Rule The World
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  6. Island

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    Ryn Weaver tweeting with LIZ and Azealia?
  7. That back and forth with Azealia and Ryn was legendary. She was trying so hard to pass the olive branch and Azealia just lit it like it was incense.
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    Love your sig @Rainbow Trousers

    Also, the Diplo LIZ mix is really good so far! I'm listening now.
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  10. Are there any other new songs?
  11. Island

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    I finally saw the light to 'When I Rule the World'.

    I can be your daddy and you're gonna make me proud. If you don't you'll be bound and thrown in the dog pound!
  12. Island

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    I heard 'Hush' in there.

    Overall, the mix was pretty amazing. I loved the inclusion of Ari's 'One Last Time'. I need an album from LIZ now. I need 'Candyland' though. And 'Holy Water'.
  13. I genuinely thought the "One Last Time" remix was a cover by LIZ at first.
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  14. Now that you mention it, there is a (subtle) similarity between LIZ and Ariana's voices. Not all the time, but when they both sing in a certain tone, sort of soft and breathy, there's a definite match.
  15. I need all those songs in full right now.
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  16. "High School Love". Oh my. It literally sounds like a teen girl sleepover, where all of the girls have drank way too much Mountain Dew and vodka.
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  17. Just got to "Holy Water." YESSSSS. So good!
  18. I started crying with laughter when the pitched up version of What Do You Mean started. So good.

    Edit: Just got to Candyland. I love Sophie so much.
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  19. Ok seriously, is there a way to download that mix?! In addition to all of the LIZ songs being INCREDIBLE, it's actually really well-done from start to finish PC Music "What Do You Mean" and closing with t.A.T.u!? Brilliant.
  20. She really nailed it with the mix. All of the new songs sound great!
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