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LIZ - Planet Y2K

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. OK this album is kind of incredible.
  2. matthew.

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    ~*~*~*~*~*~ D O N U T S ~*~*~*~*~*~
  3. It makes me want a LIZ cover of Do You Know (What It Takes) and/or Arms Around The World.
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  4. LIZ cover every single pop song released from 1997 to 2001 challenge
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  5. From her Reddit AMA, so far. It looks like she’s still answering questions so I’ll try to update in another post if anything interesting is mentioned, since this one is quite long already:

    You recently said in interview that Mad Decent asked you to leave the label after a self-leak. What track was it?

    That was actually Columbia Records that dropped might've been a coincidence that it was on the same day I put out the Cross Your Heart mixtape? Not really sure. Basically, all people who signed me there left and went to Capitol Records, so I was left without anyone to take care of me at the label. Mad Decent and I are fine and next year, we are actually commercially re-releasing my previous free projects I did through them.

    Your whole aesthetic is very drawn from iconic early 2000s pop singers and groups but you add a futuristic touch to it that I love. Why did you choose this type of aesthetic/what do you love most about that era?

    The millennium was a very seminal time for's when I decided I wanted to be a pop artist. It's when I felt the most safe and inspired at the same time. Life was carefree when I was a tween/teeny bopper. I started working with producers and songwriters when I was like 14! I auditioned for a girl group called No Secrets...that's how I originally got my foot in the door.

    I know a level of futurism almost Space Channel 5-esque millenium vibes inspire you visually, but what started getting you into shaping things visually as well as sonically, and how much do visuals mean to you alongside music?

    My creative director, James Orlando is the one who's taken my visuals to the next level. We inspire each other...we started designing the planet back in 2017 for Pandemonium and Super Duper Nova which eventually were released in 2018. Decided to continue that visual narrative and tie the last few years together. When it comes to my art, visuals are truly the other half to the music. I always have visuals in my head when I'm making my songs, and James draws inspiration from my themes and lyrics while he's conceptualizing the visuals. He's usually the first person I share my new demos with. I wish we had the budget to make full music videos for every song!!!!

    How do you know when a song/album feels right/ready for you to release?

    I wait until I feel I have a cohesive body of work that's well rounded, and then I decide to release it. For this project in particular, I had Mickey and Cloudbusting for a while but got them re-produced in the vibe of the project I had in mind. Intuition and Electricity were two last minute songs I added to the project, and I'm so glad I did.

    What excites you most about the state of pop right now, and what do you hope changes? What trends do you see disappearing or rising in the next decade?

    It's a great time for indie pop artists to release their own stuff...yes, algorithms and streaming platforms now hold the keys to getting a wider audience, but at least you can get your stuff out there and no one's stopping you. So many of my popstar peers have decided to forgo major label deals, and I don't blame them. I was stuck in one for a few years when the industry was changing, and it was really frustrating. I wanted to just release shit on a regular basis like I was when I was on Mad Decent, to keep momentum going, but was halted. Every release had to be so strategic and it was too much pressure to put on a new artist. You have to let them bloom and develop and put out enough content for fans to get the big picture. Columbia put all the pressure on "When I Rule the World" to perform at US radio, and I think it was just ahead of its time.

    When do the CD releases come out?

    I'm designing them right now...hopefully the link to purchase them and my merch store will be up within the next two weeks.

    Are you planning to release any vinyl?

    Maybe some limited edition vinyl? A lot of people have been asking for those.

    Will Sunscreen ever be released?

    Sophie said it's on her next project! Not sure when that is coming out.

    Are you planning a world tour anytime soon?

    I seriously can't wait to tour. It's just so expensive to do it they way I wanna do it. But, I'm staying optimistic. I don't have any manager or agent right now so I gotta do everything myself! It would be awesome if another popstar asked me to open up for them and I could just ride along on their bus.

    How does it feel being behind “Rule The World”, one of the best songs of this decade?

    It's a gift to be the artist on that song...I still think it's going to have a big moment. Maybe it needs to be re-released or something. It deserved so much more.

    I know your style is reminiscent of late 90s/early 00s pop, but do you have any idea or plans about what your next sound/song(s) might be like?

    I'm experimenting with some rappers lately on new RnB stuff...still glossy late 90's vibes (like my early Mad Decent releases but with current/future beats). I worked with Elle Teresa lately and we have a few banger ideas. I also wanna make something with Belis.

    Will you and Charli ever work together again?

    I’ve brought it up to her numerous times

    Do you want to work with SOPHIE again? What are your future plans?

    Yes, Sophie and I have worked on a few ideas recently... love writing with her so much. I'm working on new stuff for 2020 now! Not sure about the fate of Play Doh

    Spill the tea on “Lipgloss & Cherry Pop”

    I dunno if I really have any tea. It's just a demo AG Cook and I made which was never finished. He got busy with other stuff and prob just forgot about it. lol

    We know you were going to release your debut album on Columbia Records and When I Rule the World was a single for it, but sadly the project never got released. I'm curious if you would be able to post the tracklist and album title?

    We definitely didn't even get that far. Songs like Queen of Me and Holy Water were meant to be on it though. A lot of the songs on Cross Your Heart probably would've been on there. There was a point where I wanted to do the whole album with SOPHIE, but, sadly that plan didn't come to fruition. The label still wasn't sold on that whole vibe/sound. I tried to switch gears but felt confused, and my manager made me feel insecure about everything I made. 2015-2017 was a very dark time for me.

    Why wasn’t Kim featured on Better Together and would we ever get a remix with her on it?

    She was originally on it. She couldn't stay on it for whatever reason. I still don't have a clear answer about that honestly.

    Who's one producer you haven't worked with on a song who you'd like to, and one you particularly loved and would want to work with again?

    I'm excited to work on new stuff with Jimmy Edgar. The demos we made together didn't end up on the album, but we've got other ideas cooking. SONIKKU was great to work with and he and I have more up our sleeve. Would be insane to make something with Arca one day.
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  6. Okay but I NEED this. Her voice on that with some updated production would be a serve.
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  7. Get ha on a remix of Bubblegum. Problem solved, beef over, world peace etc
  8. Dd reading between the lines of some of her replies, and it lowkey seems all that talk about the reason for any falling out between them was likely true. I could feel the tension in this particular answer.

    She’s slaying this Q&A, though. Love how open she is.
  9. "Lost U 2 the Boys" is a scream, oh my god. This Ace of Base homosexual takedown has me living, loving and freshly fucked.
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  10. So I guess we’ve got confirmation now that Intuition was the only repurposed demo on the album. I would love to know if a Kylie vocal version exists
  11. Love a true story moment
  12. I think that’s what she meant when she said it’s the only one that was repurposed. Her other interview said part of why she took it was because it had Kylie on it.
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  13. BTR 2GTHR with Kim would have been a MOMENT
  14. This sounds like it'll be amazing.
    SOPHIE found hoarding bops, as per usual.
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  15. “I hope no one steals this idea”

  16. Island

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    LIZ doing an update of Arms Around The World would be iconic. I feel like she's truly feel her oats to 2 Faced. Louise's impact!

    I'm perched for her Out of Your Mind.
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  17. She’s on the Popheads Discord answering questions in the voice chat... it’s so weird nn
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  18. Not her calling them out for playing her hacked/leaked songs. Awkwarddd.
  19. I enjoyed this album! I haven't really kept up with her before this because I just assumed her actual music released vs unreleased ratio was too annoying but this was an amazing debut. Someone should get on a LIZ/Charli/Slayyyter rate.
  20. .... Honestly not a huge fan of the album. It feels like on the whole, it doesn’t have that spark that her best material does. Perhaps it just needs more time.

    Can’t wait for her old mixtapes to be released officially though.
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