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LIZ - Planet Y2K

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Okay I'm stanning this woman just because of this playlist. Has this always been her sound or is it just for the Y2K era?
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  2. Potato potato
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  3. She’s always been inspired by 2000s music/aesthetics, although it was more R&B leaning

    More pop stuff:

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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I can totally see her using these tracks for some similar vibe for her next album:

  5. Just curious, am I allowed to support Liz even though she’s signed to Rx Songs? Not sure what the cancellation rules are these days. Please advise xoxox.
  6. This feels... antagonistic, but to entertain it: She's not "signed" to RX Songs. She's signed to Mad Decent's publishing which was created back in 2013 as a joint-publishing venture with Prescription Songs to be administered under Kobalt Music to help Mad Decent's songwriters get more opportunities and better land syncs.
  7. Thanks for entertaining and educating me! Definitely didn't mean to "antagonize". Her bio literally says "Rx songs". As this has been a common conversation in the Kim thread, I was curious why the same rules didn't apply to Liz and your response almost explains why. Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. I mean, tons of people (writers, producers, artists) are signed to Rx Songs anyway. The issue with Kim always stemmed from her working directly with Luke and being dismissive of Kesha’s claims.

    Liz can’t relate

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  9. Honestly love seeing these tweets. I just realized she was with Rx and it was a bit confusing considering her “brand”. If Dr. Luke owns Rx Songs, then he’s monetarily benefitting from all songs released under his publishing co. I guess I’m confused why Kim gets shit and LIZ/all these other artists you mention get a pass.

    It’s also interesting that she can make these statements but still be under his umbrella. No shade, just an observation.

    By no means am I being a hater or trying to stir the shit - I bought LIZ’s album and have streamed the shit out of Kimmy P’s.
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  10. Ugh, I was obsessed with her earlier stuff. I remember listening to the Just Like You mixtape and thinking that it was exactly what Ariana should've been doing (and kind of did with her Cashmere Cat collabs). I need to listen to the new album a few more times but it's pretty enjoyable.
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  11. I feel like it’s been explained many times why Kim continues to get shit (like... literally on this very page, for starters). Is it really still confusing?
  12. Because of this album I’ve been exploring early 00’s music and I guess I’m a Liberty X stan now?
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I believe he means just in comparison.
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  14. Kim gets shit because in addition to everything else, she's also just an asshole dd.
  15. I’m enjoying the album but, for me, it doesn’t really get going until ‘Intuition’.
  16. TASTE!

  17. I was obsessed with them for a minute. Some catchy songs.
  18. All this talk about Liberty X and now I need a collaboration between LIZ and Richard X.
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  19. BITE



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  20. SOPHIE remix of “Sweat” incoming

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