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LIZ - Planet Y2K

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. The “yaaaas” right at the beginning of that first SOPHIE video is exactly right.
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  2. Want U to Hate Me been on repeat, it's such a good song

    Lottery ain't bad as well
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  3. So Robokid has been accused of sexual assault by a fellow producer. Slayyyter (who is also close to Robokid) released a statement essentially giving the claims validity and distancing herself from him. Hoping Liz is able to navigate out of this situation as well, seeing as Robokid co-produced a handful of songs on the album. Although it’s definitely a bit more complicated, since she’s also signed to the label he co-founded.
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  4. SOPHIE's remix for "Sweat" is here
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  5. The fact it actually came out? I’m shook.
  6. Oh, this bops. I mean, of course, it bops.
  7. Oh yeah issa bop
  8. Ummm this SLAPS.
  9. Sweat is better than anything on Y2K. That's not shade to Y2K, it's just that good.
  10. The original version was fine but this remix destroys it. It encapsulates the song so much better.
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  11. Okay but which smart pop girl will work with Sonikku and snatch bops?
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  12. @slayyyter
  13. We been knew SOPHIE would turn the party. The Pump Up The Jam of it all.
  14. That remix is so good, phew!
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  15. Ugh, they’re so cute. Love my imaginary friend group!

  16. I finally got round to checking out this album and it's so gooood. Cloudbusting is gorgeous. The melodies on this album are amazing.
  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I was dreaming and Everybody was playing in the background.
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  18. “Mickey” just hit me recently and I really am loving the production on that track.
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  19. Mood Ring is the one and I want the next decade's pop music to sound like it.
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