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LIZ - Planet Y2K

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. So glad I'm finally able to buy this!
  2. VEVO stream

    She has more songs with SOPHIE coming soon on the second PC Music compilation, apparently.
  3. I have this on repeat. It's so addictive.
  4. It sounds amazing in high quality. I think this could actually turn out to be a hit? It's addictive.
  5. The chorus is addicting, but I'm not the biggest fan of the verses. It'd be fun if this smashed.
  6. This is a massive triumph.
  7. Truly it is the Gwen Stefani comeback song that should have been.
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  8. I love this. It's a perfect shoe-in for the Uffie/Ed Banger reunion that I've been craving for so long.
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  9. Is it just me or is the production fuller and more mainstream than usual for Sophie?
  10. Definitely. It's SOPHIE does radio-friendly pop.
  11. HOLY FUCK THIS IS AMAZING. When do we get the second PC Music compilation?!
  12. Do you think we'll finally get at least one of the Charli/SOPHIE songs on that?
  13. Personally I can't help kinda wishing Britney had recorded this!
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  14. I don't even like solo Gwen or this song, but you are completely right.
  15. It reminds me a little of Konichiwa Bitches - a very good thing. I really like it, especially LIZ's voice. This type of music really suits her.
  16. I was thinking of how much Liz reminds me of Gwen in Wind It Up in the verses, and how 'Gwen does PC Music' would have been a much more interesting comeback than 'Gwen does Maroon 5 leftover'.
  17. Where have I been? Why is this absolutely amazing?

    #lizbian all the way
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  18. I think Charli confirmed that they're for her album, although it would be nice to get one track on it.
  19. LIZ did a Q&A on the PC Music message boards.

    Here's some of the most interesting stuff she talked about:

    On her collaborations with A. G. Cook:

    (That's a typo, the track is called Lipgloss).

    (She's talking about Hannah Diamond - the photoshot she did in London was by Hannah and William Wright, who designed the QT stuff and Hannah's own pics).

    On getting When I Rule the World to play during an episode of Scream:

    This is a tiny bit long, but very interesting:

    On Charli XCX + SOPHIE (+ LIZ!) collaborations:

    On working with Diplo:

    And others:

    (JC is JC Chazes from *NSYNC, who co-wrote Do I Like You from LIZ's debut mixtape).

    This quote is quite long too, but the ending warms my heart. I absolutely love her:

    She also said her favourite mid-2000s Top 40 popstar is Britney Spears and listed her favourite Mariah Carey tracks:

    And the music video for When I Rule the World is coming 'soon'.
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  20. Um, When I Rule the World is fucking hypnotizing. Where can I get more?
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