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LIZ - Planet Y2K

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    She added me to her Insta story cos I posted about buying the CD kiiiiiii. Also said CD got pushed back due to COVID for 3-4 weeks but I ain't mad.
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  2. She seems so nice!
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  3. I will say, she has always been so kind about reposting & liking things. A truly lovely human.
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  4. And she even replied to some of my stories where I tagged her! Truly a queen of the people.
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  5. She seems to be releasing music under a different name - this EP was released on April 30th and all songs sound exactly like LIZ, you can tell it's her even by looking at the artwork.

  6. BB St Clair

    aint that a drag race girlie
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  7. That's interesting, and the artwork looks like 2013 LIZ. This post from Reddit mentions other songs with the same pseudonym:

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  8. Could it be another case of a stan with access to unreleased material uploading it to streaming with the artist name changed to avoid it getting taken down?
  9. Either that or it’s a pseudonym for material she writes &/or licenses out specifically for TV/film usage.
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  10. There's more tracks in this compilation (2, 6 and 9):
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Are the writing credits credited to BB St. Clair or Elizabeth Abrams?
  12. She maybe create an alter ego to not be associated to a reality show hahaah
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  13. If it was unreleased music being uploaded to Spotify it would be songs that have already leaked; that's been the case for all the other artists it happened to.

    Either way this EP kinda slaps so I'm not mad.

    BB St. Clair, Samuel Shrieve and Jay Cabrera.
  14. I asked her and she read the message but didn’t reply. She usually does.
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  15. I’ve mentioned it on this forum before, but I do have a good friend who writes & records music specifically for reality TV usage, and she always uses pseudonyms for her work on them so as not to get it mixed up with the material she already releases under her own name.
  16. I always wondered where shows like Vanderpump got their unheard generic pop tunes from to transition from scene to scene. These songs scream reality tv. It’s clever not to put these under the ‘LizY2K’ brand as although they are catchy they are forgettable which I’m sure is the idea.
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  17. I read that she replied to someone else and confirmed that the songs date back to 2019 and were just made as generic background music for Netflix shows. No confirmation of this being true though.
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  18. I think there's a second voice in some of the songs but she's pretty distinctive in many of them:

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