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LIZ - Planet Y2K

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Her Top 10 Mariah list is pretty terrible and cliche, but once I rid myself of that disgust I have to say I'm very excited for her album!
  2. It definitely is quite "normal", but still very much SOPHIE. It's a bit similar to Hey QT, but better.
  3. God, I love brat anthems. As far as the whole empowerment trend goes, I need less "love yourself" uselessness and more like this, pretty please. So, basically, 'When I Rule the World' is my new fave song... well, today.

    The chorus? 10/10 instant obsession material. The verses? I wish they'd kept some of those melodic synthy bits in the background, because at the end of the day, I just kind of want the entire song to sound more like the chorus, mmmkay? I mean, what a chorus. Amazing.

    Of course, I'm going to play it a million times regardless. It's just that it could've been so, so perfect and it's almost there but not quite. Frustrating!
  4. If Radio 1 playlisted this it would absolutely explode.
    Interesting analsysis. I personally like the verses. If anything could have been tweaked or bettered for me it's the opening, which feels a little awkard.
  5. K94


    Everything about Liz is so calculated and contrived but this song knocks!!
  6. I rarely put songs on repeat forever, but I've been playing this non-stop all day. It's ridiculously addictive. The explosive POP sound that initiates the first verse and ends the song is glorious. And I absolutely love the bubbly synths.

    I feel like this track is making Dr. Luke very jealous. In the sense that he probably wishes he would've come up with something like this first. I can see him ripping off SOPHIE in the near future.
  7. It just sounds like an ill-made Hey QT.
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  9. "When I Rule the World" is pretty great. Nice to hear a PC Music song with a tune.
  10. I've always appreciated PC Music production, but I can't stand the pitched vocals. So this is a perfect song in my eyes. Also on repeat since it's been released.
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  11. This is basically where I'm at, although I can see this being my gateway into fully appreciating PC music in all its chipmunk-vocal glory.
  12. What a brilliant song. I think this could turn out to be my favourite single of the year.
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  13. This song made me literally bounce into work today, its just so ...uplifting? Bubbly? It just kicks it into high gear right away and does not stop until the loud crash at the end.

    I hope there is more in this vein to follow. I feel like this is a nice gateway for PC music for the GP.
  14. Yeah I could do with a full EP of this hyper-pop/PC music with non pitched vocals and some form of melody. Can't get enough of this.
  15. Same here. It's an overused descriptor, but I absolutely love how much the production literally "pops" and bubbles - and at the same time, it has a lot of depth and bass. The chorus is pure sugary euphoria without being too cutesy, which is a tightrope that PC Music has always been really great at walking.

    It also helps that out of all the PC Music crew, SOPHIE's productions are the ones I usually like best. He just...gets it.
  16. The vocals are still pitched on this, by the way. LIZ has a really lush, soulful tone which you can kinda hear on he backing vocals. It's fun to put it in GarageBand and pitch it down. The song remains awesome!
  17. Between this, and the twisted bubblegum merry go round that is "Bitch I'm Madonna", I think PC Music will have a lot of larger acts knocking at their door soon, like Miley and Charli already have.
  18. I'm sure it's already been said, but I'd love to hear Gwen or even a fully labotomized Britney go in for this particular brand of PC Music.
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  19. Seriously, they'd both suit it so well. I'm surprised they haven't reached out yet.

    I can't wait to see what Miley and SOPHIE come up with.
  20. I wish Namie Amuro hadn't done the vocaloid thing already. A SOPHIE-produced Britney Spears track featuring Hatsune Miku would be ridiculously brilliant.

    By the way, When I Rule the World is the new TiK ToK. It's that good.
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