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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AlexBradley, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. do any of you remember Liza Minelii she had a big hit with the pet shop boys called losing my mind
    she was more famouse for caborates
  2. VoR



    Erm... yes, this is a largely homosexual dominated board. I'm pretty sure we've all heard of Liza Minnelli.

    Results is one of my favourite albums ever, as it happens.
  3. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    All gays like Liza Minnelli? What a joke. I cannot bear to listen to her voice or even look at her.
  4. Is she the one from hello polly?
  5. How odd that her big pop hit was a frickin musical theatre song. (Losing My Mind, great Sondheim song from the musical Follies).

    Musical theatre + pop music= brilliance..
  6. I'd like to like Liza, but a bit like her ma, her voice is a bit shit and you have to love her for her soap style life.

    Results is a good album, not a great one, but the videos are entertaining. I wish they'd properly released the Losing My Mind Almighty remix.
  7. I still laugh (almost) when I remember someone describing TaTu as looking like Liza Minnelli and Bonnie Langford.

    There's a duet I'd wet my knick knacks to see.
  8. No, but she did sing that with Mama Garland (Hello, Dolly!).  Liza even sings hello, mommy, it's too cute.

    Are you confusing her with Carol Channing, Pearl Bailey, Babs, Ginger Rodgers, Betty Grable ... the list goes on as to who played that role.

    And nobody said all gay guys love Liza.  It's not really a joke, because she is so desperately compassionate.  I love the Ab Fab reference: humanity is her crutch.  I remember spitting my Pepsi Max out my mouth to laugh.  The perfect accompanyment to Results is Dusty's Reputation (and I guess everything the PSB's have ever done).
  9. I suppose you are gay, then? Well, you just proved VoR's point. All he said was that gays know about Liza, not that gays necessarily like Liza.
  10. Inspired by the discussion in the Tina Turner thread, I think Liza deserves her own thread.

    Singer, actress, dancer, all around stellar performer. Great performances in films like Cabaret, New York, New York, The Sterile Cuckoo, and Tell Me You Love Me Junie Moon.

    Terrific live performer as captured on a number of live albums.

    And of course, her opus, 1989's Results. It seems to be considered a classic on Pop Justice.
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  11. There is a well timed piece on Liza in amazing blog Into The Pop Void today

    See also his write-up for the brilliant "should have been massive" Don't Drop Bombs.

    Good to know that Results is in his all time top 10 albums too. Everything about it is phenomenal - vocals, production, lyrics, imagery. In case you hadn't guessed I love Results era Liza and her impossible glamour. What an album. What a woman.
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  12. It still pains me that there was no follow-up to this. Liza and the Pet Shop Boys were the perfect fit.
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  13. Liza is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. At her peak, she was really unmatched in terms of the sheer emotional power of her performances.

    "Results" is one of my favorite albums! The album art alone is so striking and modern. It immediately intrigued me.
  14. The imagery from the videos, album and singles covers is amazing. Her voice was so well suited to that dance/pop sound and it's a real shame she never did anything coming close to that again.
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  15. Amazing/bizarre/amazing again to remember that Gene Simmons (yes, that Gene) was her manager at the time of "Results"!
  16. This is brand new information!

    I love the story that Liza arrived to record Results and was greeted by Neil, Chris and a synthesizer and asked where the orchestra was.
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  17. Gene Simmons also dated Diana Ross in the 1970s, right? He must have a thing for gay icons.
  18. And Cher!!
  19. 1989 to 1992 were stellar years for Liza. She was in absolutely fabulous shape and sounded terrific. Her Live at Radio City Music Hall show (on DVD) is a tour de force.
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