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Liza Minnelli

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AlexBradley, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. I've fallen down quite the Liza rabbit hole the past few weeks, and have been exploring her back catalogue and live shows. She's such an incredible performer isn't she? I was watching Liza with a Z and even when she's all alone, just her and a microphone, she's absolutely electric and you can't take your eyes off her. I know it's very unlikely that she'll ever tour in the UK again but if she does I will literally sell an organ to get as close as possible.

    Also this is probably the best performance of any song ever by anyone. 10s across the board

    edit I had no idea that I posted this on her birthday! HBD queen

    Honestly out of all the era's I've explored so far I absolutely adore her Liza's Back era voice. Husky and affected by life, but you can hear the life and experience in every damn word, absolutely incredible
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  2. Sorry drunk but is there better?

  3. OK, so after much subtle persuasion from my beloved boyfriend and Results stanning man, caved in and bought the deluxe edition of this album. I can't believe it took me so long to listen to him too! What an album, what an woman! It really IS like Judy Garland (who I stan for) singing over an late 80s dance beat. Bliss.
  4. Hurrah! Glad you have finally seen the light of the holy gospel according to Dame Liza!
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  5. Indeed! The ballads may need a bit more warming up, this is still well, a Result (s) !
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  6. I have spent three years blasting Losing My Mind loudly in my fiancé’s face and you can be assured that it’ll be featured during our wedding reception!
  7. Perfect taste once again! Still Love Pains for me though!
  8. Don’t Drop Bombs routinely obliterates my ageing puss!
  9. Results is just everything. The meeting of worlds, the Liza campery, the drama, the hi-NRG, even PSB.

    A cult classic.
  10. I recently discovered it (via the PSB connection), and oh my. 10/10
  11. All of this is just spot on.
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  12. Absolutely in the top 20 of best albums ever made! It's just one of those perfect albums front to back.
  13. Only had full listen last night, but I already agree with this statement.
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  14. Not sure what to make of this!
  15. Was pointing out the abundance of positive attributes.


    A serve!
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  16. Love how Liza sounds almost like an Alexa 30 years before she even existed at the beginning of the fantastic extended remix of Losing My Mind.
  17. Did we do a 30th anniversary Results thread last year ?

    If not, shame on us.

    But isn't there a thread about Results being the best album ever made?

    Which it is.
  18. I feel so late to the party of coming around to the delights of Results. Fashionably late of course.
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