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Liza Minnelli

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AlexBradley, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Better late than never!

    I love that there are people still discovering the pop brilliance of Results all these years later. A timeless classic.
  2. All these club remxies of Don't Drop Bombs. Wow. Perhaps my favourite club remxies ever. Really and truly.
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  3. Perfect trio.
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  4. I’ve actually never heard the Results album outside of the singles. I really must rectify that as I adore the Dusty collaborations and the PSB were at their peak. Weekend task set.
  5. Rent and Tonight Is Forever are phenomenal power ballads. Dare I say it, I prefer both of them to the PSB originals.

    It’s such a shame she didn’t do another album with the Pet Shop Boys- but I suppose Don’t Drop Bombs, So Sorry I Said and Love Pains flopping meant that she was probably wasn’t interested. A true shame because as Dame @idratherjack says- it’s a timeless classic and the best PSB album ever.
  6. Go ahead. You'll love it I assure you.
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  7. So Sorry, I Said, is the only real weak link I think. Not very single friendly too.
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  8. Surprised they didn't release Twist... as a single, but in 1989 (or early 1990) perhaps it was considered too soon after the original.
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  9. I agree with this and I'm a HUGE Pet Shop Boys fan.
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  10. I love how back in those days on chat shows the guests had room to have an actual conversation. If they were on say Graham Norton now, they'd be on for 2 mins about the record, he'd have some mad internet story and another guest interjecting and we'd know next to nothing about the album other than it's out soon.
  11. I absolutely love this one. A real standout.
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  12. Plus we'd have hosts hired primarily for their looks, unable to ask a follow-up question or show any genuine interest in the artist being interviewed, other than laughing or feigning awe at how they amazing they look, or mentioning their own personal memories of the artist in question's hit/s, as though we are interested in that.
  13. it’s all about I want you now !
  14. Absolute tune that!
  15. I won’t take no for an answer! #NewRealmsOfCamp
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  16. I wish Liza and the Pet Shop Boys, had worked together again following this superb album .
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  17. That would have been amazing. I wonder if she was disappointed and put off by the underperformance of the other singles?

    It's a shame Liza never returned to the dancefloor on record again.
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  18. I think Results was an experiment for Liza to prove that she could do modern day music and not just do show tunes. I think the well, results of the album itself, was enough for her.
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  19. Don't Drop Bombs in particular deserved to smash!
  20. Absolutely! I love how the single remix was produced by the same man behind Kylie's One Boy Girl of all things, Keith Cohen!
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