Liza Minnelli

Her vocal performance is incredible. She's so good at conveying lyrical meaning.

That's the thing about Liza - she acts out the song. That's why she's so brilliant. I saw her a few years ago and, yes, her voice is no longer what it was, but she still EMBODIES the song. She commits to a song 1000%.

There is not one dud on Results, in my opinion.
I was just thinking about Liza's film career the other day and what a shame it is that it didn't turn into something bigger. After Cabaret she made the right moves on paper - Lucky Lady was written by the guy who did American Graffiti, it was directed by Stanley Donen, it had two big name co-stars in it. New York, New York was directed by Scorsese, co-starred De Niro, had another soundtrack written by Kander and Ebb. A Matter of Time was directed by her dad, co-starred Ingrid Bergman. It all looked so good on paper and then went nowhere.

Its also always irritated the hell out of me that even though New York New York is a signature song of hers amongst her fans, the world thinks of it as Sinatra's song. My parents - who are old enough to remember the movie - didn't even know the movie existed.
Yes, the film of New York, New York is a slog to get through but Liza is dynamite in it. De Niro’s character is such a jerk that after two and a half hours he grates on you and wonder what Liza’s character sees in him. The music is great though.

I still think of it as Liza’s song. The various performances available online justify why it is HER song.

It is a shame her film career declined after Cabaret. But she always gives 100% despite the script.

And her early performances in The Sterile Cuckoo and Tell Me You Love Me, Junie Moon are brilliant, just as good as Cabaret.