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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AlexBradley, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Happy belated birthday, Liza May!
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  2. Any excuse to post this performance, still the best ever rendition of 'New York, New York'. Liza is the very definition of superstar in every fibre of her body during these four minutes and the audience respond like they are having a spiritual experience. It's no wonder - that final note could have ended entire careers.

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  3. And still fabulous!
  4. Such an amazing performance. Damn, Liza gives 1000%. I really wish I had seen her live in the '80s or '90s. I saw her a few years ago and she was still amazing but the voice issues had completely taken over.
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  5. That perf is one of the greatest things on YouTube. I always use it as an example of someone with real talent and star power. Whenever you read that say Dua Lipa gave a great performance I'll think....

    Liza/New York, New York/Giants Stadium - Follow up that you bitches!!!
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  6. I couldn't agree more. Liza gives everything in that performance - voice, energy, commitment, and as you said total star power. She has had so many wonderful performances over the years, but that Giants Stadium one just takes the cake.

    This is also an incredible concert for anyone who hasn't seen it. Liza at the height of her powers as a concert performer in 1979. The closing performance of 'But The World Goes Round' is definitive to me.

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  7. It's a shame that Frank Sinatra's somnambulant mugging in his "New York, New York" cover somehow supplanted Liza's original in the popular consciousness. Oh, those straights.
  8. Frank’s version may have been the one that the public latched onto but whenever Liza performs it, there is no mistaking who owns it.
  9. I watch this at least a few times a year. Some People, Arthur in the Afternoon, New York New York, City Lights, Cabaret - so many highlights.

    I wish there was existing footage of her time as Roxie in Chicago and of The Act. I think this is all that exists from her run in Chicago:

    Her studio recording of All That Jazz (there might be more than one but this is the one I'm talking about) is my favorite version of it ever.
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  10. Have you all seen this? It's from a 1980 TV special called Goldie and Liza. At the time they were rumoured to be starring in the film version (If only) and this was kind of a test run but movie musicals were totally out of fashion at the time and it didn't happen for another 20 years.

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  11. Pure glamour at it's best this.
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  12. I finally got the "Results" expanded reissue this week. What a wonderful album it is. Pet Shop Boys did such a wonderful job on both production and songwriting. Their stuff with both Liza and Dusty really was so, so good.
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  13. I'm always jealous when people get to discover Results anew! It really is a masterpiece.
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  14. Yeah, it's been one of those albums that I half-assumed would be just a couple of great singles and a load of filler. It's anything but! It's sublime.
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  15. It's amazing, Liza's vocals over the PSB production is just a match made in pop heaven.

    Have you got the expanded deluxe version of Dusty's Reputation? I'd highly recommend that too.
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  16. Yes! I bought them both together! I pretty much feel the way about that album too. I absolutely *adored* "In Private" and "Nothing Has Been Proved" back when they were first released and I was a teenager getting into pop music. Again, I presumed the actual album would probably be a load of faff apart from the singles. Ok, the singles are the best, but it's such a gorgeous album from beginning to end!
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  17. I've always thought of Results and Reputation as companion albums to each other. I only dislike one song (Born This Way) and love everything else. My favourites outside of the singles are Time Waits For No One, Daydreaming and Occupy Your Mind - on paper Dusty doing acid house sounds insane but it really works!
  18. I almost couldn't quite believe what I was hearing when I heard "Occupy Your Mind" first! I thought the CD had moved on to weird bonus remixes or something. It reminds me a bit of some of the stuff on PSB's "Relentless" bonus disc from "Very". Absolutely brilliant anyway.
  19. I always include this forgotten gem on my PSB Collaborations playlist - every bit as good as Dusty & Liza from The Crying Game OST.

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