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Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Oct 8, 2016.

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  2. I loved Good As Hell and the other songs are unsurprisingly fantastic.

    Also - she's amazing to watch in her videos! Let me mock up a stan card.
  3. How. Have. I. Not. Listened. To. This. Lady. Before.

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  4. Hopefully this gets more than the like 3 posts the old one I made for her got. She's great.
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  5. Phone is amazing.
  6. I love the gentle, soul-gospel tones of "Coconut Oil".
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  7. She's beautiful and I love her music videos. And "Good As Hell" is one of those songs that instantly cheers me up.
  8. Feeling like a stripper when I'm looking in the mirror
    I be slapping on my ass, getting thicker and thicker
    I don't...see no..bod-y else...
    'scuse me while I feel myyyself...
    'scuse me while I feel myyyself..

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  9. If we're picking out every song on the EP: Worship's a bit of a smash.
  10. I fucking love Lizzo.
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  11. K94


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  12. I can't get "Scuse Me" out of my head.
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  13. Can someone break down "Coconut Oil" (song) for me? What does she need the oil for? To moisturize or anoint her head or touch herself or...?
  14. Video for Scuse Me is out:

    I'm glad she's getting the funds to make such great visuals.
  15. Queen of getting budgets, utilising religious imagery and making bops.
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  16. That clip was incredibly masterful; a fantastical, mind-boggling trip of amusement, accuracy, and affirmation.
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  17. Scuse Me is my fave she's put out so far.
  18. I just heard "Good as Hell" and I love it. Listening through the Coconut Oil EP and it's fantastic. She needs to be huge.

    Anyone listened to her two full length albums?
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  19. Scuse me?
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  20. Scuse Me is definitely one of the best videos of the decade. Too brilliant.
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