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Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. They really missed a trick (that is, a #1 hit) by not putting out a "Juice" remix feat. Harry Styles.
  2. They missed a trick by not releasing literally anything else other than the title track as a single.
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  3. "Soulmate" and "Like A Girl" were sitting there waiting. Maybe she's waiting until 2022 to release them as singles though.
  4. She mentioned that Soulmate was planned as a single before her older songs started blowing up, it’ll be a shame if it never gets a chance to shine.
  5. As was "Like a Girl". She's already working on a new album, though, so I think she's done releasing anything off this. Until they inevitably blow up on their own.
  6. The debut really wasn’t that good. It’s time for her to come back with that big album I know she can drop.
  7. She’s in the studio with Pop Wansel, Ian Kirkpatrick and Theron Thomas (1/2 of Rock City) tonight.
  8. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Essentially blasphemy,
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  9. "Exactly How I Feel" is the only weak link on Cuz I Love You.

    I'm personally hoping for another "Lingerie" because it truly stirs my soul, the James Brown scream she lets out at 2:28 is superb.
  10. Isn't Cuz I Love You actually her third album? I hope those who consider it her debut have given her past stuff a listen or two because it's much better
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  11. Technically, yes. But it's her major label debut, so that's why people refer to it as such. Unfortunately, her other two albums were removed from streaming shortly after Cuz I Love You's release and demoted to mixtape status. Although Lizzobangers was added back to platforms recently. No word on if she plans to do the same with Big Grrrl Small World.
  12. 2014

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    Tempo doesn’t deserve to be forgotten like this. I think it could have done something if they’d waited until Good As Hell died a little, but a shame they both couldn’t smash together sigh.
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  13. An album outtake, Ugly, is circulating apparently. The part that's out there sounds like it would slot in perfectly on the album
  14. When’s new music coming? Do we have any idea?
  15. Tempo feels like such a hit because everyone I knew was rinsing it during Truth Hurts/Good as Hell smashing, it really should have been given a full push after the latter died down.
  16. "Tempo" really isn't that good, I'm afraid. She has lots of wonderful songs she could have bunged out, though.
  17. tea


    Missy didn't drop her best verse in a decade to be disrespected like this.
  18. She was in the studio with Ian Kirkpatrick yesterday. I’m happy that she’s working with new producers.
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