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Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Ariana fans trended #LizzoIsOverParty because Ariana wasn't credited for Good As Hell on Billboard.
    They think that was Lizzo's personal decision, and not due to the fact that the solo version sold more.

    Have to say the worst part of watching her blow up is seeing her subjected to almost daily attacks from these idiots.
  2. They should concentrate on streaming the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, Lord knows it needs all the help it can get.
  3. You have been quite great on here lately
  4. The way Twitter tries to cancel her on a weekly basis over the most inane shit is ridiculous. And it’s not even just stan Twitter, it comes from all sides.
  5. The hate she gets is misogynoir in action.
  6. GLC


    Oh yeah, it absolutely is. Remember when she had that outburst near the beginning of the year over that negative album review? There were at least a few white dude critics lining up to smugly dump on her when they probably wouldn't have done so had she not been a black woman.
  7. I don’t think it’s just them. I’ve seen her get hate from all sides tbh and it’s ridiculous. People for years wanted a dark skinned plus sized black woman to dominate the charts and as soon as it happens she gets constant hate.
  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Phew Coconut Oil jumps into the US top 40 for the first time at #31! Two top tens, two top 40 records, her dominance!
  9. Most likely she drop a new song sometime next summer which doesn’t live up to expectations and is in label limbo for a good one and a half years til some random mixtape track from 2006 blows up and becomes her second #1.

    Hashtag Music Business 2020
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  10. She needs a couple of hit features to give her some chart force credentials. Hopefully she can get her own Finesse, Girls Like You (we all hate that song I know) or Dancing With A Stranger moment to prove she is here to stay. Maybe a Rodeo remix with Lil Nas X and Cardi? That would be cute.
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  11. I think she needs a couple mor hit songs instead of hit features. They'll help the brand but won't gurantee anything.

    Everything Cardi put out for that mysterious second album underperformed a bit. Not saying anything flopped but Money and Press not reaching Top 10 sure wasn't what they expected.

    She also needs to be careful with pulling too many cheap tricks like that pointless Ariana feature. She has it all in her but we seen bigger careers flatline. Hoping for the best though obviously.
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    She scored three Platinum hits in one calendar year, but she needs hit features to prove that she's a chart force? What?
  13. With songs from 2-3 years ago... Her album hasn't made much impact outside of Juice. I'm not saying she can't get a hit, I'm saying she needs current hits.
  14. But "Truth Hurts" and "Good as Hell" becoming monsters in 2019 weren't her choices? The former blew up because of a Netflix romcom and Tiktok and the latter was because radio realized it existed and made it a hit on its own.

    Juice was Top 30 at Pop radio and growing decently when TH blew up and the rest is history. Atlantic would have been stupid to say "guys, guys, let's not play those and play these instead".

    I'd love to see her re-send Tempo or Juice to radio after GAH peaks but it would probably be a mis-fire.
  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Well these old songs are hits... currently... so....
  16. I’m still not over her saying the label never even sent these songs out to radio when they were originally released. Specifically “Truth Hurts”. Like, we could have gotten here literal years ago.

    Genuinely wondering if they truly bothered with “Juice” or “Tempo” after that revelation. They should definitely try again in the new year.
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  17. They obviously did bother with Juice.
    Had Juice come *after* Truth Hurts & Good As Hell smashing as they were destined to, it would have fared much better - but it's too late to push it again since it has been promoted and did have a little success.

    Back when Truth Hurts & Good As Hell came out, they did nothing for her besides funding music videos (and that one performance at The Real - I'm assuming the Samantha Bee performance was requested by the producers of the show). Obviously anyone with a brain could tell they'd both easily smash with a proper push but she was overlooked by the label.

    I think the next step should be to push Soulmate or Like A Girl while she records new stuff and hopefully launch another project late next year. Some features would be a good idea actually, her verse for Charli's Blame It On Your Love was great.
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  18. I can't wait to hear what her and Megan came up with.
  19. dd did we hear the same song?
  20. I am in the minority as someone who loves the song, but objectively I think Lizzo's verse in particular is great? Quotable lyrics, the Juice call-back - has everything you could want for a fun verse.
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