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Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Fuck Louis being in the screenshot making her look like a contestant
  2. I watched it TV they gave her comments for some reason?? Ddd
  3. It's 2019, the X Factor should not be on television.
  4. This simulation is so odd and usually it taketh but sometimes it giveth.
  5. It may only be Monday but this is my favourite post this week.
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  6. I can't wait for this to go #1 on the Hot 100
  7. We love a year 2024 Billboard Hot 100 smash hit!
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  8. Bring Me The Horizon covering this was...interesting enough but now Lizzo?
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  9. Still waiting for her to release this

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  10. Apparently the Grammy website updated the nominations on every artist's page for a small window of time and Lizzo had 8 Grammy nominations.
  11. Is Truth Hurts even eligible since it was released so long ago?
  12. PopGrammyJustice
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  13. The Recording Academy/Billboard already confirmed it was
  14. Did they explain how?
  15. They just make shit up as they go along so I’m assuming a check from Atlantic finally cleared.
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  16. So they're always super strict about the release frame and now they're gonna ignore it for Lizzo? boo
  17. When have they ever been super strict about the release timeframe? Bebe Rexha got nominated for Best New Artist last year when she’s been a nuisance in the industry since I was in undergrad, and singles can get nominated years after release just by slapping on a (Live) at the end.
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  18. She’s been getting dragged all day over the alleged 8 Grammy noms and her two wins at the Soul Train Awards last night
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  19. Can they like...leave her alone?
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