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Lizzo - Fitness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. If you're feeling a bit low this Saturday then NPR have uploaded Lizzo's show from their SXSW showcase and she absolutely killed it!


    I love her so much. She also does a stunning cover of ANOHNI's Drone Bomb Me mid-set.
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  2. I think the tracklist could have been rejigged slightly for maximum appeal, but a great set nonetheless.
  3. That Anohni cover was fantastic.
  4. Music video for her new single "Water Me"

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  5. Wow. Water Me is properly AMAZING.

    Strange, but I could totally imagine this as a Girls Aloud song, or even better...Nadine.
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  6. Love it. The verses are fucking fantastic.
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  7. Water Me is such a moment.
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  8. She is such a star.

  9. Just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch.

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  10. Yisss
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  11. Fresh photos with the bomb lighting
    New man on the Minnesota Vikings

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  12. A&E


    The video is out!

    We have decided to stan forever.
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  13. She has arrived.

    EDIT: I just noticed this kinda sounds exactly like Black Beatles dddd. I reckon that's the whole point?

  14. Scream.
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  15. I have been OBSESSED with "Truth Hurts" since it came out. Video is cute... I really love her.

    Is there a full album on the way? (I should read the whole thread... er, the other page I should say.)
  16. She's playing New Years here with Cupcakke and brooke Candy, I'm so devastated to say I'll be out of town.
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  17. Flop
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  18. Lizzo made a great thread about doing the Super Bowl since it's in Mpls.

    Drones flying around with juicy lucies sounds lit.
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  19. Really like Water Me. Are her previous albums any good?
    Is it similar stuff to Water Me or more hip-hop?
  20. Yes, all her work is good.
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