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Lizzo - "Rumors" + 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Rumors has left the top 100 on US radio, dropped out of the top 200 on Apple Music, and is about to leave the top 100 on Spotify (currently #98). She really should have dropped a follow-up last Friday, on what was an otherwise totally quiet release week. I don't get the strategy of waiting for one single to be completely dead and buried before they drop a follow-up.
  2. Waiting for that Breezy feature to Wetransfer.
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  3. Rumors departs the Hot 100 after just 7 weeks. The 2nd single is long overdue at this point.
  4. She's on live right now (still in the studio) and she said she's been wanting to put another song out for a while dd. I'm guessing the label is holding things up.
  5. Interesting. I wonder if they're not happy with the quality and getting cold feet after Rumors? Whatever she does next has to be the right move, but I also think waiting much longer will be a huge mistake.
  6. I’m honestly totally fine if they sent her back in the studio to keep working with Mark or anyone that wasn’t involved with “Rumors” or the last album to source better material dd. I think my issue is that I’m already so familiar with the Lizzo “sound” that I’m expecting some sort of evolution by now, but the public only really caught on a couple years ago, so I guess it’s inevitable that we’re in for more of that, but I’d at least appreciate a balance, a look into the future.
  7. I don't believe Rumors is a bad song and that her success thus far has been good for someone who is usually denied these platforms but thr callout scores for it shows listeners are a bit bored from this sound.

    Though listeners in general seem hungry for something new. Abel & Dua are both at the bottom of callouts with Lizzo for similarly serving another lukewarm rehash of a sound they've already well-established.

    Then you have someone like Doja Cat having three different sounding hits at once and that listeners do reward trying new things.
  8. I didn’t realize they went way back, this is so cute!

  9. I love this woman - she’s such a vibe.

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  10. A bit cringe.
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  11. Lord I hope they’ve got something new coming soon.
  12. The fact that this post was over a month ago...where the hell is the second single?
  13. How did Oprah manage to not know the words to the chorus of Hello?
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  14. I guess they're going for a bit of a restart in the new year given how Rumors underperformed, which is probably smart. The debut # is nice on paper, but it's topped off at 80M streams on Spotify and the video is at under 40M. It was pretty much a misfire in every conceivable way.
  15. I remain hopeful that this will allow her to take the creative edge and run with it! Give us Lizzo Night Feelings produced by Mark Ronson!
  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The fact that the era started three months ago and all we have is a flop single, a terrible video, and a clip of her fangirling over Chris Brown.

  17. I came in here to ask what was happening with this entire era, but you’ve all kindly answered that for me with all your posts. It makes sense to just restart things in the New Year at this point. Between Adele and Christmas, there’s little point releasing anything right now.
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  18. And even then maybe they want to go for something show stopping and exciting instead of something that should have been the third new track on a rerelease at best. Hopefully.

    Cue her releasing the same song again but this time with Chris Brown.
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