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Lizzo - "Rumors" + 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. @Jwentz prepare yourself, I’m bracing for impact
  2. Clip on TikTok

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  3. Can I just say I’m soooo encouraged by Mark being on the project? Ricky Reed has always sounded like the flatter version of what he does, at least with horns. I’m ready for a big sonic upgrade on this record.
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  4. I still get regular mileage out of Cuz I Love You so I'm perched.
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  5. Apparently the single has a "superstar rapper" on it?
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  6. Same. As far as I know, Mark didn't do this track, but I am very excited for what he has done.
  7. Confirmed.

    My bet is Lil Nas X.
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  8. She's so funny

  9. Pls be female
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  10. Don't quote me on this, but I think it's Megan.
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  11. I hope it’s Megan.
  12. Missy and Lizzo would.. obliterate every fibre of my body.
  13. Poor “Tempo”
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  14. Tempo was great but I guess this time it would be more a case of getting attention instead of working with icons. So Megan/Cardi/Doja et cetera seem a bit more likely.

    But absolutely here for another Missy Elliott exclusive on Lizzo2.
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  15. Dd wait I forgot about Tempo even existing. The impact. OK, let the new gals have a go.
  16. I hope the new album will be less exhausting to listen to than the previous one. Girl was screaming!
  17. I’m manifesting no Oak involvement whatsoever. His productions bar Tempo were not the tea.
  18. I think she worked with more or less the same exact crew as the last record, and she’s thrown in some new producers in more recent sessions. Personally hoping everyone involved in Cuz I Love You are kept at a minimum so we can hear more of the work she’s done with Mark, etc.
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