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Lizzo - "Rumors" + 4th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. That would be nice yes.

    I also want Lindsay‘s Rumors in there.
  2. I believe people are saying this is solo. The collaboration is the other song that was meant to be the lead and then switched aka the Megan feature.
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  3. Very weird. There's definitely a version of this track with another artist on it, but maybe they'll be using it as a remix later on.
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  4. I need the album to follow Juice, Tempo, and Lingerie and not Crybaby, Heaven Help Me and the title track. And of course any return to pre-blow up Lizzo would be greatly appreciated (justice for My Skin!!)
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  5. I prefer a solo lead single anyway, it shows a level of confidence so many campaigns lack.
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  6. The signed CD is back in stock on her site and Warner eurostore.
  7. Could they be dropping the same song as a remix midweek for max impact?
  8. She gave a TED Talk on twerking. Full video soon

  9. She posted a new clip on Tiktok

  10. I am whelmed. I feel like I can imagine the rest of the song and the lyrics already but I hope I am in for a surprise.
  11. She confirmed Rumors has a feature.
  12. I assumed Cardi was the feature? There's been rumors about it for quite a while.
  13. There was some confusion because some “insiders” insisted that the song was solo and that the feature was for another track. That was incorrect, though.
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  14. Just read a rumour it might be Harry Styles featured. Hope it's not true.
  15. I’m screaming this video had me cracking up , from Cardi’s reaction to Lizzo’s Harry comment !
  16. Cardi waking up with a full beat makeup is kinda iconic.
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  17. *OKURRRR* Absolutely geeked about this!
  18. Can I just say how much I love all these phenomenal Black woman killing the game and supporting each other? Cardi has songs with Meg, Normani and now Lizzo!!! We are BLESSED
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  19. Aw I was kinda hoping it was Megan based on their TikTok interactions.
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