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Lizzo - Special (2nd Album - July 15th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. The singer said on a live recently that she just needs a couple more songs to finish her new album. Also she recently announced she face tuned out her nipple in this pic of her serving an absolute look.

    Anyway let’s not pretend like this thread belongs to anybody but me. I proclaimed 2019 would be her year and I was right. 2021 is the re-up.
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  2. Is "sophomore" the right title here? She has released plenty more...

    Anyway, excited! I can't get over watching her at the small, intimate concert she did in 2017--she was on the cusp!
  3. Fixed.
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  4. Hoping for/Manifesting the Lizzo x Megan Thee Stallion collab of my dreams. Please let it be true.
  5. They worked on something last summer but no idea what happened to it, since I think it was for Meg's album.
  6. Lizzo has so much goodwill from her last era so I can't wait to see how she capitalizes off it. Saw that she was working with Ricky Reed again, any word on other producers she's been working with?
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  7. I hope they cooked a couple in the lab because their energies together seem like such a natural fit. I fantasize about Megan spitting a rapid fire verse over the staccato of Lizzo's sasha be fluting.
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  8. I would also like a Doja collab because you know those performances would be fire

  9. Haven’t seen anything that I remember. I’m guessing it’ll be the same group of people who worked on the last one, even though I’d love her to branch out a bit more
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  10. Cuz I Love You was a mixed bag for me, but imagining her with Doja on a Tempo-style banger is shifting my wig
  11. While I'm wishing for things, wouldn't mind a collab with MNEK or Chloe x Halle either tbh.
  12. I think Dev Hynes would be a dream if she wanted to further explore the sound of Lingerie and incorporate some Prince vibes in her work. If she’s going to further explore the sound of pop soul I hope she goes more Dap Kings and less Ricky Reed.
  13. Is it weird that I can hear Lizzo x Mark Ronson?

    EDIT: WAIT, Salaam Remi too!
  14. tea


    Tempo not smashing was easily one of the biggest pop injustices of the past decade.

    Here for ha smash in 2022!

  15. She was in the studio with Oak a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know how to feel about that. His productions on Cuz I Love You were easily the worst and some of them sounded like Demi Lovato songs.
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  16. It’s a shame she fell out with Justin Raisen. “Healthy” sounded really good.
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  17. Like A Girl and Soulmate were the worst songs on the album?!

  18. Good timing. Hopefully she gets a new single out in the next 2-3 months to get the ball rolling.
  19. God she is so gorgeous.

  20. Things I’m manifesting for the next era:

    1. More rap bops a la Phone
    2. A little more variety in the vocals (as opposed to the 11 out of 10 singing that we got on every track)
    3. Her to piss off Azealia Banks just by being her.

    Hyped for new music from her. Cuz I Love You wasn’t my JAM top to bottom, but she’s one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen (twice!) and she deserves the fucking world. Curious to see what she will do next.
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