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Lizzo - Special (2nd Album - July 15th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. she is BOPPING!!!!!
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  2. The mix is fantastic and hopefully this makes it edge closer to the top 5 in the US.
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  3. This mix is miles better than the original.
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  4. Wow this remix is superior to original in every single way, finally I can get into this!
  5. Purple Disco Machine has yet to miss. Definitely a perfect pairing.
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  6. She’s going off to the mix on her stories. Stan!
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  7. There was a listening party a couple days ago. Two clips sound good!

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  8. Since no one mentioned it - a studio version of the title track leaked yesterday.
  9. I did originally but deleted it because I didn’t want to double post nn. It sounds like it was ripped from a music video, so I wonder if it’ll be released as a single soon.
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  10. Special is OK, the chorus is easily the worst part.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    About Damn Time clicking is so wonderful for her, I just hope the album sees her take just a few risks though.
  12. Based on the clips going around from her listening party above, it's probably the most mainstream music she's made so far. But they sound like huge bops, so I'm not mad.
  13. Her going over how to do the dance is constantly going through my head.

    "in a minute.....IN A ONE MINUTE."

  14. About Damn Time somehow worming its way into becoming a hit makes me sad. Her worst instincts should not be rewarded.
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  15. Cry about it

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  16. Honestly, even if I hated it (I don't), I'm happy that About Damn Time became a hit. I was concerned that post-Rumors & the poor initial response meant that things were going south. She can course correct on the music whenever but she's such an important presence in the industry. Seeing her flop would cause me physical pain.
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  17. This is how I'm feeling. I don't love the song (though the Purple Disco remix makes up for a lot of what the original lacks) but I really felt like the odds were stacked against her, so this becoming a huge hit after the slow start is nice to see. I'm not overly optimistic about how much I'll personally like the album, but I'll be happy if it smashes for her regardless.
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