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Lizzo - Special (2nd Album - July 15th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. I’m glad that she was proactive and got rid of the slur but she didn’t really apologise for it, nor is it up to people who aren’t personally affected by the use of said slur to say “it’s ok we can all just move on”. I’m sure some people were really hurt by it, especially because Lizzo is such an advocate for self acceptance.
  2. No, she really did!!!
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  3. Mr.Arroz

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    What I don't like is how y'all loooooooove how free and chill she is, and expect that, but when she messes up you also hold her to an impossible, high af standard for receiving any redemption. Black women can't win with y'all - it's either perform like a marionette, or nah. But it's all love and flowers no matter what for these white girls like Rosalía.

    She made a mistake, she corrected it, and she addressed it. Acting like she needs to beg for forgiveness is loco. Keep that same energy for the other actual assholes in the music industry.
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  4. Ok but you missed the word “apologised”. She doesn’t need to beg for forgiveness at all, but she could at least ask for the forgiveness of the community that she needlessly offended (whether she meant to or not). But even looking at the BBC News article there were fans with cerebral palsy who were genuinely upset, which they had every right to be. And it would be up to them, not any of us, if they chose to forgive her.
  5. I’ve seen fans who are more appreciative of the extra action she took more than anything. So maybe follow your own advice and let them take the lead. If they’re not asking for a “proper” apology then it’s really nobody else’s say.
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  6. I personally hate when people’s actions are louder than their words!
  7. If those in the disability community feel like more should've been done, that's their prerogative, but she expressed an understanding of the mistake made and took quick action to correct it. How long are we supposed to dwell on this matter just because she didn't use the word "apologize"? Especially when there's so many people who use that word but never really mean it or truly account for their actions.
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    See synonyms for apologize
    Translate apologize into Spanish

    (also British apologise)
    • Express regret for something that one has done wrong.

    She recognized that what was done caused harm and she took steps to address, change, and make what she did less harmful. An apology is not simply in the form of a verbal "I'm sorry". In fact, most celebrities that "apologize" very frequently don't even mean it, don't show it, and don't make it worth it. She fucking heard the words of the people that she hurt, changed her shit, and actually addressed it. It seems a lot of people want her to also bow down and wish for their continued support, She did the work. She shouldn't have to grovel as a bonus.
  9. There's most definitely so much weird animosity towards her and this has definitely brought it even more to light.
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  11. About Damn Time is a bop. I haven't listened to Grrrls. I'm glad she's changing the lyric.
  12. People will use every opportunity to jump at Lizzo because she’s supposed to be the “respectable” black girl, the black girl white people can use to prove they’re down, even though she’s actually very much against that image.
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  13. Between what Lizzo is going through and what Megan Thee Stallion is going through, the
    is soul crushing and the apparent ignorance of most pop music fans is disappointing but not surprising. There’s no room to be a person, no winning path to acceptance, there’s only perfection or failure and perfection needs to be constantly maintained.
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  14. "Apologies mean nothing we want action" is usually, and rightfully, the response to PR'd notes app posts. But that's not what Lizzo did.

    She...although not verbatim...apologized and still did better and admitted fault. Whereas you can still stream Iggy using the R slur or J-Lo using the N word.

    We have legitimate abusers like Johnny Depp who have the support of the public and are getting away with their genuinely harmful and malicious actions...but we want to tear down Lizzo and cancel her? Someone who's a beacon of light and positivity?

    When she was held accountable she instantly did better. The idea you fave will never make a mistake and if they do they're done is very weird. I couldn't personally forgive Kim Petras because she defends her actions and doesn't do better. Lizzo corrected her mistake in a matter of hours and she's still not doing enough?

    What a sad way of consuming pop culture.
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  15. You can be desperately disappointed with her musical direction, as many of us are, myself included, and not turn it into an 'and she's a bad person' moment.
  16. At some point, I'd rather y'all just admit that y'all don't like Black women the way think y'all do instead of bullshitting around the point. Your posts already tell on you anyways!
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  17. I hope this teaching moment - which is what it really is, and not a reason to ‘cancel’ Lizzo for whatever reason - doesn’t sully or derail the rollout of the record. She made a mistake, was called up on it, got educated and acted fast.

    I don’t intend to speak for or on behalf any community that I don’t belong to, but what more can Lizzo do to fix this situation? She’s done more in the space of a week than some more problematic artists ever do in their entire careers.
  18. I think she’ll be fine. From a PR standpoint, what she did to correct this mistake has gone over extremely well, and will honestly only benefit her and the (not so great) song. It’s only really a small group online who have no skin in this game that are being weird and demanding she make a “proper” apology. I am curious about the physical copies of the album, though. They’ll probably be able to fix this on CDs, but I assume vinyl is pressed already. Will they issue them with a message slip that says they were pressed prior to the switch, or?
  19. Wasn't Rosalía mercilessly dragged (and rightly so) for, like, 200 pages straight in her thread for her various crimes and appropriations? dd. It was @BrokenHearts vs the world.
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