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Lizzo - Special (July 15th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. She's gorgeous.
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  2. It is very obvious they expected Rumors to be massive isn’t it? Them not throwing anything out now feels like they are redesigning the campaign. Ironically it’s almost impossible to drop something safer than Rumors.
  3. If anything, it proved that the GP is still here for Lizzo - the song started strong because people saw her name and wanted to hear her new music.

    But then they heard Rumors and realized very quickly that they didn't want to hear it again...
  4. Not that people aren't here for Lizzo, but wasn't the main reason Rumours started so strong that it had massive playlist support?
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  5. And Cardi.
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  6. It is a bit crushing that Cardi & Lizzo collaborating gave us Rumors. Though Cardi’s verse is easily the highlight. Really holding out hope it’s her Holiday and her Melissa is coming
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  7. I was in Vegas for New Year's with some friends and checked out the new Virgin hotel and casino. The place was dead – surprising considering the spots on the Strip were packed.

    Found out that Lizzo was performing there for NYE. I felt sad for her.
  8. RMK


    Lizzo has huge social media presence, and I know people who bopped to Rumors at first because it popped up in a few TikToks. Basically a: "this is bad, but I keep hearing it" moment. That's why it died so quick.
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  9. Healthy leaked. It's the song she did in 2017 with Justin Raisen. The one where he claimed plagiarism over the "I just took a DNA test" line, which in this song is, "I just did a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch even when I'm holistic."
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  10. New track “Special” in the Logitech campaign. Already sounds way better than “Rumors” to me

  11. I wish I can say that I particularly enjoyed the snippet but I'm happy that new music seems to be her priority this year.
  12. Her display name on twitter still being the lyrics to Rumors....we need the audience to forget that ever happened.
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  13. I hope to be proven wrong, but between Rumors, that snippet of Special, and half of her last album...I feel like she's trying to make what she thinks people want her to make and it feels superficial and cliche. I believe her authenticity is what made everyone fall in love with her and while there are slivers of that in these new tracks, it's cushioned with sounds and lyrics that ring hollow to these ears.

    That being said, two songs back to back referencing her fame is not what I want to hear in 2022 given the state of the world. I know I just referenced her authenticity and now I'm complaining that I don't like hearing about her personal experience with fame, but...I just think maybe there is a less obvious way to approach that material.
  14. How did Ricky Reed go from "Juice" and "Tempo" (specifically this one) to "Rumors"?
  15. I think these two were flukes considering he had co-producers on both of these tracks (5 on Tempo). He occasionally produces a great bop or two but also worked on a lot of cringe stuff for Meghan Trainor and Jason Derulo.
  16. RJF


    “Special” is… sounding like her second clap back song in a row.
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  17. Special sounds nice and at least lines up with her overall message of self love (it made me think of the video from like a year ago? where she was really open and honest about struggling with it at times). I never could figure out where Rumors came from because like...what rumors where?
  18. Special sounds boring.
    i agree with @MisterNovem on this, explore your sound don’t try to replicate what you think people expect.
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  19. Special sounds like what I'd expect from a commercial tie-in. I'll wait until she drops the 2nd single to catastrophise over the state of her output.
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