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Lizzo - Special

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Track 7 is what I neeeeeed
  2. So track 9 is called "Naked" and samples this

    It was already previewed in episode 4 of her Amazon series
  3. Here comes the smasha!
  4. They are both INSUFFERABLE in that interview, ew.
    Who is this radio host impersonating a human?
  5. I can see this being her second #1 and well deserved if it does. Such a great, uplifting song and it really fits the timing of "going back to normal" after past couple years of isolating, masks, etc.
  6. I always find it strange when they refer to Lizzo as a rapper.
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  7. I mean, she is? She's not just a rapper, but she is one.
  8. RMK


    It's always given more sing-talk than rapping. Especially on "About Damn Time"?
  9. Do people not use melody in rap? Even Lizzo considers herself a rapper, so there really shouldn't be any debate.

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  10. The Lizzo-rapper-discussion reminds me of this bop. Still goes off!
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  11. Yes she is a rapper

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  12. I really like About Damn Time, even though I feel like I've heard so many other songs that are very similar to it.

    Her team have been doing paid partnerships with the Hunsnet Instagram account to promote it. I don't think I've seen an international star like her doing paid partnerships for singles on Instagram before.

  13. I hope my love of Lizzo underscores that I fully believe Lizzo is a rapper and a talented one at that but a lot of her more major label stuff has felt more sung/rap-sung. It ends up just feeling off when i see one of those stan Twitter accolades like Lizzo’s About Damn is most streamed female rap song. If I pull the thread any more I’m in what is genre? What’s the difference between rap and singing? How much of this is just down to racism? How much does this matter in a post-Beyoncé world? Lizzo can’t help but break boxes and walls so let’s talk about that!

    EDIT: how did the GP sleeping on the perfection of Tempo influence all of this?!
  14. And then Doja Cat has the opposite problem, constantly gets described as a singer even though she also raps in almost every song! It's odd.
  15. I honestly think genre is like... nothing at this point, the lines have become so blurred. Hip-hop has been pop for nearly a decade. Rock is dead (at least it was until it was resuscitated by Halsey). Hyperpop... exists. But I do find it important to emphasize that Lizzo, as well as other female artists who have the ability to cross lines, are rappers too, even if they don't do it all the time.

    There's a lot of misogyny at play when we exclude these women from the rap conversation just because they have the range to do it all unlike the vast majority of men in the industry. So if a stan on Twitter wants to come up with some stat that Lizzo is the first female rapper with six toes on her left foot to rack up 3 million streams in a day on Spotify Imma let them, because I know it pisses certain people off dd. This isn't directed at anyone in here, just a general frustration of mine, because this has come up in regards to Janelle Monae, Azealia Banks, Bree Runway (who is admittedly a self professed pop star), Doja Cat, and it has been ongoing with Lizzo for a few years as well. And I just want to know what makes someone a "real" rapper at this point in the eyes of these people, if not the fact that they've been at it for over a decade?
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