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Lizzo - Special

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. I think I’m content now with Lizzo not necessarily rocking the boat musically, because she really is doing that in other more impactful ways at the moment. And that’s not to say the music isn’t impactful in its own way, but it feels like a supplement to an overall goal of hers. It may not be the direction I had initially envisioned when I first became a fan, but that’s on me. I’mma keep bopping.

    And a fitting tweet for the moment

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  2. So About Damn Time has really grown on me out of nowhere (I didn't hate it before, I just had mild Trend Fatigue seeing it all over the place), but "Balenci-ussy" still knocks me for six every single time I hear it.'am?!
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  3. My Dad (as straight, cis male as they come) has started stanning Lizzo randomly. He asked if I’d heard her “new” song last week because he loved it, so I played him Juice today and he was living. Pride month already made.
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  4. Do I wanna ask how old is he? How old is he?
  5. He’s in his late 40s. This is the man that used to wrap me in a Scotland towel as a child and let me be “Scottish Spice” ddd
  6. Nn same age as me.
    Awwww cuties.
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  7. #4 this week on the Hot 100. A hit!
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  8. She managed to get a hit single out of this era. Good for her. I thought it was in trouble after Rumors came and went really quickly. About Damn Time is good so I'm glad it's doing well. It's definitely a very safe song, but hopefully the album will show variety.
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  9. "Rumors" was corny in a non-cute way. "About Damn Time" veers into corny but that production baby... *chefs kiss*.
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  10. The more I listen to About Damn Time the more I love it! It really reminds me of Good as Hell Lizzo, unstoppable bop with her charisma all over it
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  11. Not the sample dd

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  12. C E Ho
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  13. Another clip from the listening party

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  14. I listened to one clip but I won’t listen to more even though im DYING TO
  15. 2 minutes?!

    Grrl... The interlude.
  16. This lowered my expectations for the album quite substantially.
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  17. "Grrrls" is going to end up being the worst on the album, because the other clips we've heard are capital 'B' Bops, so far.
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  18. Love Lizzo but as soon as I saw 2 min. I peaced out from the 3 seconds I was in...
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