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Lizzo - Special

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. There's a pretty lengthy TikTok taken at the Atlantic listening party from last month where you can hear clips for a majority of the album. Songs played:

    The Sign
    About Damn Time
    Everybody's Gay
    2 B Loved
    I Love You Bitch
    Break Up Twice
    Birthday Girl
    If You Love Me
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  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I actually am more excited for this album than her last one...
  3. Yeah, we've heard clips of all the songs now. "Grrrls" is easily the worst, and everything else sounds way better than I was expecting.
  4. Avoiding clips but I trust @mindtrappa and @Mr.Arroz taste enough to be pumped. Also About Damn Time is song of summer material, it’s true, its true!
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  5. The TikTok doesn't play enough to get too spoiled – maybe, like, 15 seconds of each track? Album is all upbeat based on all the snippets we've heard, with the exception of "Special" and "If You Love Me". Basically if you liked "About Damn Time" then it's unlikely you'll be disappointed with this.

    Also it really makes zero sense why the Target cover isn't the main (and only) cover. It totally fits the disco/funk vibe, while also resembling a heightened version of the Cuz I Love You album cover.
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  6. Ugh yes!!! Also her not using the target cover for the album is almost as concerning as how bad Grrls (after the slur was removed, i too learned like Lizzo from this!)
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  7. Oh I hadn't seen it, it's such a serve, a shame it wasn't the main version cover.
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  8. She looks so beautiful in the LA Time shoot and all the snippets she sound great. I feel like Grrrls would have had a better reaction if it was an album track instead of pre-release single.
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  9. I only just noticed after watching the About Damn Time video again a few hours ago that one of the scenes features a man reading a magazine that says “I Love U Bitch”. Excellent foreshadowing…
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  10. I cannot wait for that song!
  11. Bopping!

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  12. Oh, this is fantastic!
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  13. Uno


    So glad she was able to bounce back from Rumors. Good for her.
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  14. Her full drag appearance, including her playing "Everybody's Gay", can be seen here at 13:50

    Also someone found out she played "I Love You Bitch" on TikTok live back in April dd

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  15. She opened the BET Awards

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