Lizzo - Special

The title track deserves it's moment, cemented by the SNL performance. C'mon Melissa!

Looks like we're getting a third single after all. Apparently she also teased this on her TikTok.

I mean I do think that bland video is what kept it from truly smashing, it was cute but there was so much more that could have been done visual wise especially with a song like that.
Yeah I don't think the (boring) video had anything to do with it not taking off in the US. About Damn Time was a global smash and hasn't even hit 100M views after 7 months. Videos are rarely make-or-break these days (see: Break My Soul, Super Freaky Girl, every Drake single, etc.) It could have helped a bit more with chart points, but it wasn't going to turn this song into a success. It was all over TikTok but it just didn't translate to streaming, even with decent playlisting. It didn't seem to get great reception on radio, either.
At least it went top 20 in the UK! For which I will take some unearned credit as I play it at least 3 times a shift on our work playlist. (The only boppy songs on there are this and for some strange reason half of Mabel's new album)