Lizzo - Special

Not Lizzo giving Todoroki Tina!
She did have a great clap back on body comments but no idea if that led to this? I can totally see her POV

I have been listening again after seeing her snl performances and I really appreciate her hustle especially on HBO I dream of a Grammy performance of special with SZA that gets put on steaming for a minor radio hit with the chance of going viral. With the tv shows and her hustle, I dream of a Glow Up to BPG status/ she clicked era for the next album. She’s always been a star, but I want the music to really show what an Artist she can be.
Are there any updates on the Special Remix with SZA? Was this postponed or scrapped now that SZA’s solo stuff is smashing?
Interesting that she "promo'd" it with SZA on her Special Tour on HBOMax, I thought that was a sign that it'd be next... Maybe Feb.?
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