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Locke and Key

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by passionoia, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. This has got to be my choice for potentially most exciting tv series 2011.

    Based on the comic books series about a family who move into a house where supernatural shit happens.

    It's got some good pedegree, the pilot's directed by Mark Romanek off the back of "Never Let Me Go" and Miranda Otta, Nick Stahl and Sarah Bolger (Mary Tudor ie the best thing about the show since Natalie Dormer lost her head) lead the cast with Jesse McCartney being the obligatory controversial casting choice the fanboys are screwing over but who will most likely be great.

    It's on Fox though so even if it does get picked up for a series it's probably best to enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. Looks fun.
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  3. It looks very good.
  4. I’ve just finished watching this:
    It’s a watchable show overall, but dang, they really came through with the last two episodes! It’s more fantasy leaning than horror, but the last two episodes were definitely creepier. The inclusion of ‘You Should See Me In A Crown’ in episode 9 was brilliant. I was gagged at the end twist and totally here for Gabe and Eden being the new evil duo for season 2.

    Where the show fell down for me was the characterisation. It just felt a bit half-baked and there were often moments where the characters actions weren’t believable. It’s also astounding that they never used any of the magic keys to fight the villains (apart from the fire key, once). I hope season 2 doesn’t focus on the dead dad because I just wasn’t getting anything from his character.
  5. Rob


    I really enjoyed the series but my biggest issue was with the tone of the show. It felt like it didn't know if it wanted to be a soapy-teen drama, fantasy or horror show. Hopefully it leans into more of the latter two options for the next season.
  6. The second season of this show is out as of yesterday and I’ve got 2 more episodes until it’s finished.

    I had to remind myself who a good chunk of the secondary characters were because of the gap between seasons…
  7. I finished Season 2 today. It was fun. There were some odd writing moments/lines that pulled me out at times but still remained to be a fun watch. I’m also happy that there’s a season 3 coming.
  8. I really enjoyed Season 2 as well. It’s such an enjoyable, fun watch. It’s not too intense but there’s plenty of story to enjoy. The cast are all really likeable too.
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  9. I was actually quite sad when both Erin Voss and Jackie died.

    I expected the first, especially when it became clear she was heading off to confront Dodge on her own.

    Jackie’s death was actually quite a bit of a shock, I wasn’t expecting it!
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