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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by nooniebao, May 8, 2018.

  1. Rising French-American singer with some really great R&B/Pop tunes. Quite a bit of singing in French on a couple of songs too!

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  2. ‘Brooklyn Love’ is the one.
  3. "Challenge" slaps and gives me a bit of a 90s throwback moment without being too blatant about it. Her other stuff this year has been great too.
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  4. Whew ‘Challenge’ is phenomenal.

    There’s also this gorgeous ballad:

  5. I absolutely love Desert Rose and For The Crowd. My favourites from her so far.

  6. Two new songs, one featuring (but not produced by) Blood Orange. She only does quality drops.
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  7. My favorite release of the year so far. So excited for her.
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  8. Whew.
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  9. I like her a lot. Lose Myself is my favorite of my two.
  10. Oh my gosh, Ride is amazing. I almost gasped when I heard those whistle notes.
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  11. Looooooooooove ‘Ride’.

    She can do no wrong for me, I really have enjoyed everything she’s released thus far. Her writing and vocals are so consistent and refined, she always seems to avoid sounding like every other white girl over a trap beat on Spotify right now. So glad to see her keep winning.
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  12. I think she's a star, but she might have Tove Styrke/Tinashe-syndrome where the name seems to ruin things.
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  13. Album on Friday!
  14. This is really good
  15. Feel like this will actually be two new songs and two interludes packaged up with all her already released songs, but I'm perched regardless.
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  16. Yeah I’m also intrigued to see what the tracklist will be. Not expecting many new songs.
  17. Cover:



    01 - High Highs To Low Lows *
    02 - Moi
    03 - Chevy Impala
    04 - Caffeine
    05 - Ride
    06 - Here To Stay
    07 - Look At Us
    08 - Desert Rose *
    09 - Summers In Vegas
    10 - Out The Bottle
    11 - Blue *
    12 - Beaucoup

    Only 3 older songs (*) made the album, not including Ride since it was just released, & out of those 3, Desert Rose was remixed for the album.

    Pretty ballsy of her to leave off the Blood Orange collaboration. I'll miss Brooklyn Love + Lose Myself, but oh well. Happy to have more new songs.
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