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London Grammar - Californian Soil

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. Social media has been wiped clean, with a black profile picture.

  2. Thanks for making me think someone died I guess.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    ? Isn't this a regular thing some acts do when starting new eras.
  4. Never noticed it before. Why not change it from pic to pic instead?!
  5. If there’s a new album, I’m excited!
  6. Wiping socials yes, posting a black photo, i have only seen vague Greek cigs do this when they get dumped.
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  7. When I saw the black picture on Fb

    I can’t wait for this to get into my ears, travel through my vestibulocochlear nerves and break apart any synaptic connection happening in my brain. Head empty, just London Grammar singing, etc. Yes gawd!
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  8. I’m in desperate need for new London Grammar album.
  9. Wait at this sounding like it has a pulse! Hopefully the new album will have a couple of new ideas thrown in.
  10. Sounds great! Bring it on.
  11. this was giving me waiting on the line for a v*dafone commercial to help me with this ridiculous roaming costs but then Hannah started singing and

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  12. fake
  13. Interested to hear what they return with debut album brilliant, also terrific remixes to be had. 2nd I found a bit snooze inducing by comparison so fingers crossed this isnt
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  14. If the first album was the sound of a sunset in early autumn, Truth... Was a springtime sunrise. I'm looking for a midsummer's evening with a cool breeze.
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  15. I'm so exciteddddd
  16. wait fuck, and so soon!

  17. SBK


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  18. They have been using that short clip during adverts on ITV. I spotted is this morning!
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