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London Grammar - Californian Soil

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. That’s gorgeous, I kind of dip in and out of London Grammar pre album release but the albums have both been solid. Hell to the Liars is my favourite song of theirs and one of the best songs from 2017.
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  2. One the one hand I don't really mind that it doesn't come out on February 5th as that particular day is already stacked with album releases I'm interested in and it's always cool to have something to look forward to each week instead of being floaded with records at one day and then having weeks of drought.

    On the other hand I'm a bit disappointed that they're so vague about this postponement. They had some dubious concert cancellations in the past few years and always seemed a very "managed" band to me, so I'm afraid this is yet another business decision, which is a bit disappointing since Hannah stated (in the NME article for the new single) that the album is also about gaining control of her success. Having said that, this is just some dumb rumination and there might very well be a perfectly fine reason for this postponement. I just think it's cool if artists stick to their announcement, especially in these times where it's basically impossible to find the right time for an album drop. Both Dua Lipa and Laura Marling even gained momentum by releasing their albums earlier than anticipated.

    In LG's case, I feel that an early February release would've been great do really delve into the music instead of spring where the Summer bops are starting to emerge. The summer TIABT drop was a mess.
  3. Preorders are probably not as strong as desired and they will try another prerelease track in the meantime.
  4. Yeah, it's kind of tough for bands like this now, and will be difficult to do even pre-recorded promo in this new lockdown. Not surprised it's been pushed back.
  5. Ohhh disappointed with the delay!
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  6. I really wanted something as big as some of the tracks on Truth is a Beautiful Thing but this is nice enough.
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  7. Silly me. Forgot the new lockdown in England while writing my post, you're right. I thought with all the recent restrictions all bands had to deal with a 2 month postponement probably wouldn't really change much, but the new lockdown's certainly not helpful for an album release.
  8. New song is so pretty! Agree that it could've been a bit more drawn out; the synth melody in the bridges and end is obviously the best part and would've been gorgeous getting extended. Nothing has been a home run like "Big Picture" so far for me, but I'm not too fussed. What we do have is really quite cohesive: back on punchier grounds like the debut and with louder beats and percussion. I'm sure the full album will make everything make more sense. The longer wait for it gonna be excruciating.
  9. 2014

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    Lose Your Head is incredible?? Best of the 3 for me.
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  10. The new songs are ok but I can't help feeling like this era is going to end up less interesting overall than the previous 2.
    I feel like I'm listening to car adverts.
    It would have been nice if they experimented more but I guess if it sells well why change things up?
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  11. Alright, well that's me checking out until April then.

    We were already 6 months into the pandemic when they started this campaign so what was the point?
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  12. Think I’ve preferred the remixes of the first two singles more than the originals
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  13. I don't really buy this logic. Unless they're still recording new stuff (unlikely) it'll be the same songs driving preorders now or in 3 months and the wait won't help. This campaign has been going long enough already.

    I doubt they're waiting for new promotional opportunities either? Just release it.
  14. Have they literally just delayed to the first release date after Boris’ target for vaccinating the vulnerable groups?
  15. There are rumours they delayed because of ADELE releasing on the same day and since they share management or something there might be a connection there.
  16. Oh that's interesting. Got their newsletter which stated the "unforseen circumstances" justification which is a bit odd... If the delay is caused by the pandemic or lockdown, why not just say so as many bands did last year. So it's imaginable there's something else to it.
  17. I wasn't especially wowed by Rooting for you or The Big Picture but 'Truth is a beautiful thing' ended up being glorious. I have faith.
  18. Gotta echo all the comment on Lose Your Head needing another minute at least to shine. Holding out hope for an extended outro in the album version!
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  19. Lose Your Head is great.
  20. Listening to a lot of Another Sky tonight and they’re VERY London Grammar but punchier and earthy (in my opinion) but I would love to hear what they’d sound like trying this ojt
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