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London Grammar - Californian Soil

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. I do agree.

    And it's always a possibility; I know Catrin enjoys artists like Four Tet and Jon Hopkins, and Max (the drummer) loves the electronic realm; He produces music under the name Proverb, and is in a dream pop band called Night Tapes with IIRIS.
    Their standalone single 'Capable of Love' seemed like a step towards more LG territory, but I think was left off the album because it didn't fit the narrative.
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  2. Wow my post is terribly written! I actually LOVE Another Sky’s grittier sound and was trying to say I’d love to hear London Grammar try it out more. Move a little further from the simplified “Florence fronts the xx” angle and into something harsher.
  3. Lose Your Head hit me like a Shinkansen yesterday.
    I need an extended remix of the outro synths going on for 5 minutes or something. Please.

    Also, they're releasing a book edition?!

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  4. Something, something we need more pre-orders before the release date.
    There's additional vinyl with remixes, but I would rather have two or three deluxe songs though. Their bonuses were always very stellar tracks.
  5. I’ve always picked up their deluxe versions but I don’t have a need to pay out more for vinyl when I actually want a deluxe 2cd set
  6. Just noticed this has been released:

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  7. Lose Your Head has absolutely taken over my life! I neeeed an extended mix!
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  8. I love "Lose Your Head." The remixes aren't bad either.
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  9. They are very good. I’m so back on board for this album based on the tracks we’ve had so far, last album didn’t connect so much.

    my only annoyance so far is the scattergun release of tracks n mixes. Keeping up is problematic- think this is it so far, any I’ve missed?

    Baby It's You
    Baby It's You (Radio Edit) - 3:00

    Baby It's You
    Baby It's You - 3:08
    Baby It's You (Kölsch Remix) - 3:53
    Baby It's You (Kölsch Extended Version) - 12:29

    Californian Soil
    Californian Soil - 3:40
    Californian Soil (Maya Jane Coles Remix) - 3:58

    Lose Your Head
    Lose Your Head - 3:20
    Lose Your Head (CamelPhat Remix) - 3:36
    Lose Your Head (CamelPhat Remix Extended) - 5:44
    Lose Your Head (Dave Glass Animals Remix) - 3.06
  10. Hannah's voice always makes me feel safe and warm.
    And hearing Dot sing in French is something I didn't know I needed.
  11. There's a radio edit of Baby It's You that cuts... eight seconds?

    I still like Let You Know far more than any of this album's singles.
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  13. This is shaping up to be their most bop-tastic album
  14. Good acts stop booking gigs at Victoria Warehouse challenge.
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  15. Did the date get pushed? Apple Music says April 9. Wasn’t it originally slated for early March?
  16. Original date was Feb 12th but they delayed it to April back in early January.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    They were quite unlucky with the delay, it feels like we've been waiting for this album for way too long.
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  18. @London Grammar:
    • release a properly extended version of "Lose Your Head"
    • cover "Saint Claude"
    challenge. Do that challenge.
  19. Guys, I have a presale access code for their uk tour. Since i'm from Holland I can't go. Anyone interested?
  20. How Does It Feel just premiered on BBCR1 and I can hear God. I wasn't expecting that kind of dancey tune coming from them, I think it's one of their most uptempo and boppy song?
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