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London Grammar - Californian Soil

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 10, 2020.

  1. RJF


    "How Does It Feel" is sublime. I wasn't too sure to begin with but Hannah's voice over something like that really takes everything to the next level. The structure is beyond basic and I love it. It's actually nice to hear them occupy slightly brighter soundscapes after the second album retreated from them a lot.
  2. Loving How Does It Feel on first listen. Especially the “do you think about me” bits. Hannah sounds fantastic.

    I also see that ‘America’ has a time length on iTunes so is likely it’ll be coming before the album is released.
  3. How Does It Feel is quite gorge.
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  4. I think I underestimated their continued popularity because I went to snatch winter tour tickets and.. it's completely sold out? They've somehow managed to shift twenty thousand tickets in London alone within, like, a week. I'm sort of shocked.
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    I got Glasgow tickets last week and I'm not surprised that it sold out in minutes. The tour announcement more or less completely coincided with the announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown. In alt gay news, I also tried to get tickets for Mogwai the same morning but that also sold out in minutes. Announcing a tour the day after people were told they'll be in nightclubs again by June was a stroke of accidental genius.
  6. Another (short) delay.

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  7. I’m obsessed with How Does It Feel.
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  8. Every. Single. Preview, from this album, has been 10/10.

    On April 16th, I'm scared my wig might fly away.
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  9. The anticipation is killing me.
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  10. I'm very excited to experience this in full, I haven't heard a single preview yet but I am ready. The debut and their second album are both stunning gems.
  11. Oh wow! I honestly feel like given the songs we have this is lining up to possibly be their best album yet!!! You are in for a treat!
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  12. The "manufacturing and shipping delays":
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  14. How Does It Feel is getting traction in UK radiostations and I hope that it can become at least semi-moderate hit for them to lead the album release week with.
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  15. They've sold out some pretty big venues and are headlining a festival so the album should do pretty well.
  16. Everything they've put out has been 11/10, but Lose Your Head has me obsessed. It's one of those songs that make me feel "I need to see this live" (like Florence's The End of Love) and seeing the whole UK tour sold-out has me feeling both pride and jealousy ññ

    Kinda hoping they add another Alexandra date so that I can snatch a ticket and see them (and Rina a few days later).
  17. America, the closing track, is out on Apple Music and its stunning. Can’t find on YouTube/Spotify yet so no link yet Lil’ Grammar Police.
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