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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babylon, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. London Grammar is hitting it on the nail so far. With 4 tracks that are 9/10 at a minimum I am getting high hopes. I do hope we get no (or one if it must) before the album comes. I love a bit of a surprise...
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Oh Woman Oh Man is divine, easily their best offering yet from their new album.
  3. Can anyone recommend the best remixes from their first era please?

    I've just got the two b-sides to complete the album. Now I want to make a remix album as their songs seem to lend themselves well to a good remix, but there's quite a few out there.
  4. Two different videos for 'Oh Woman Oh Man'

  5. Love them. I'm consciously not listening too much to any of the new songs, but 'Big Picture' and 'Oh Woman Oh Man' are all outstanding. I think that's Tye Sheridan in the 'Oh Man' video.

    On a side note, I ordered the signed deluxe edition from their shop, but since a while I can't log in anymore. I can't reset my password as the website doesn't even recognise my e-mail address anymore. I have an order confirmation in my mailbox though, so I think/hope the album while arrive next week. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. New track.

    A rather grand one.

    edit: and the album has leaked.
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  7. eck


    Somehow iTunes downloaded the album for me today, that was the first song I listened to, it is quite euphoric.

    Edit: first spin of the album, it's lovely and all, but there's no "Wasting My Young Years" moment, it's all abit...elevator music. The OWOM -> Hell to the Liars -> Everyone Else sequence is great. But there are alot of tracks to get through and none of the rest really stands out.
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  8. Yeah, me, I'm getting in touch with Sandbag.

    The helpdesk goes straight to the... Harry Styles helpdesk, because of course.

    Is Sandbag in a bad way that we know of?

    Nothing. I've mailed [email protected] now. They seem to be pretty active on Twitter, but I can't be bothered to harass them there.
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  9. Thanks! I wanted to wait until the new album is released, because we should get a confirmation e-mail when the cd ships. If I don't get anything this week, I'll contact them as well. Maybe it's just a glitch on their website?

  10. bop
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  11. Put the new album on for bed time last night and drifted away before I could really sink my teeth into it, but I love them as lullaby music. What I heard was definitely gorgeous and lush.
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  12. This album is such a beautiful progression from If You Wait. I would've liked some uptempo stuff, but I can't fault a single song on this album.
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  13. RJF


    The album's more ambient, sombre tone actually works for it. I was worried that it would result in the full thing being a bit draining, but I think there's more than enough variation here to make it compelling... maybe not enough for the deluxe bonus tracks (which definitely feel like bonus tracks) but the standard edition is really solid.
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  14. It's a beautiful album. I haven't checked out the deluxe tracks yet because I think that might be overload to start with, but the standard is lovely. Bones of Ribbon is the one so far.
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  15. This is quite lovely isn't it?
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  16. It's nice, but I would've liked a 'Metal & Dust' moment to break it up a bit. I'm sure it'll grow on me anyway.
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  17. Did you, like me, order as a guest? That's the reason you can't check online what's happening with it.

    "We can confirm, all London Grammar orders have been packed and are with the mail providers now. The official release date is this coming Friday. In addition, you signed up as a guest user and therefore, cannot review your purchases. To rectify this, we have sent you an invite to create an account."

    Mind you, I still haven't had a confirmation of dispatch. But yeah:

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  18. If Non-Believer and Bones of Ribbon aren't given the single treatment, I will personally find Ministry of Sound HQ and start bashing heads.
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  19. Ah, I'm probably a guest as well. I've also not received a confirmation. It will probably dispatch tomorrow or Friday (release day). As I am in Belgium, I was expecting the new album to arrive next week anyways. I'll let you know, if I know more.
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  20. Still dunno if the deluxe vinyl is marbled or if it's just the signed copies.
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