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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babylon, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Still dunno if the deluxe vinyl is marbled or if it's just the signed copies.
  2. The new Witnussy thread?
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  3. @Dennis I got a shipping confirmation, so all's well and no hell to the liars.
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  4. Same here!
  5. RJF


    I also got a shipping email and had completely forgot I had even ordered it until you two started panicking in this thread, causing me to panick too, so THANK YOU for that unnecessary strife!
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  6. Can't believe the marbled sold out within days of pre-order and the deluxe has sold out too - I know local record stores who tried to order it in and the label said they had no stock - a limited which is actually limited, wow!!
  7. This is a nice little album to fall asleep to. I need to revisit their debut. I listened to it so much the year it came out but I don't think i've listened to it since then. I think I completely lost interest in them so I had no expectations going into this and but it's very enjoyable so far.

    Also the denim jacket / turtle neck look is everything. I'm going to cop that.
  8. This album blows their first out of the water for me, it is stunning. The last 2 minutes of Hell to the Liars, the outro of What A Day, Leave The War With Me, Bones of Ribbon - all gorgeous.

    I love that there are more moments where they just let the production soar and Hannah's voice weaves into it so effortlessly.

    Endless thoughts, they get ahead
    Blue against my better sense
    I am trying my best to fit in with the rest

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  9. 11/10.
  10. Whoop. Signed cd has arrived. Time to play!
  11. Signed Marbled Vinyl Is A Beautiful Thing.
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  12. RJF


    What a lovely product! Gorgeous mat finish on the sleeve and it sounds great as well.
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  13. This is stellar. Absolutely beyond beautiful, but that is mostly due to that voice. They can do no wrong with that. The real dud is so far the demo version from Rooting For You, cause I played that one already so much this year. And if a demo version is the only real dud, well you got an amazing album. It is a bit early to say, but compared to the other albums so far this year, this is having top 3 on lock (so far).
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  14. I've heard Oh Woman Oh Man and I was hooked on, but the rest singles didn't really click that much. Is album worth checking out for such a casual listener like me?
  15. Minor (but quite annoying) gripe, the deluxe CD has no strip at the side to show who the CD is by aggh!
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  16. Yes.
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  17. 'Hell to the liars' is the 'Wasting my young years' of the album, that is going to be so immense live!
  18. Not too sure if that's a compliment.
  19. Ugh. I was thinking of going for the deluxe when I find it instore, hmmm.
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  20. In this instance it is. It's a nice album to fall asleep to because it's soothing and tranquil then there are albums that make you fall asleep because they're boring as fuck but I won't name names. Honeymoon.
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