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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babylon, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. RJF


    Chills at "All Night", wow.
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  2. They did a fantastic job with it. It's hard to cover Beyonce but it sounded like their own song.
  3. This album would work so well as a movie soundtrack.

    The last 2mins of "Big Picture" just screams "the end scene of a movie where the camera pulls out on the lead character smiling as they realise everything will be okay, and then it fades to black and the credits roll."
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  4. Me deciding whether to buy the deluxe vinyl

  5. [​IMG]

    They are coming for me personally with horrifying precision.
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  6. I get MAJOR Joshua Tree vibes from the end of Big Picture. Back when U2 were actually amazing.
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  7. This delivered for me. Hell to the Liars being the deserved highlight.
  8. I loved their first album and still do but really wasn't feeling Rooting For You or Big Picture, is there anything more similar to their first album on the record that may be easier to get into?
  9. 'Oh woman, oh man' and 'Hell to the liars' are your route into this.

    Thank fuck for that.
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  11. After having a week or so for it to sink in, I'm a bit disappointed with the new album. It's so monotonous, and every time I've tried to listen to more than half of it at once I've ended up with a headache.

    Loving the version of 'Bittersweet Symphony' though.
  12. Straight in at #1. Get in there. Knocked &^$%ing Sheeran off the top (again).
  13. Non Believer is the next single!!
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  14. After some time with this album my favourite tracks are:

    Bones Of Ribbons
    Big Picture
    Who Am I
    Everyone Else
  15. It's a fantastic album. My favourite tracks are:

    Different Breeds
    May the Best (Church Mix)
    Big Picture
    Leave the War with Me
    Oh Woman Oh Man
    Rooting for You.
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  16. The fact that these are playing the same night as Little Mix in Dublin is an INJUSTICE
  17. Great video for the best song on the album. Popjustice!
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